FPJ’s Batang Quiapo Nov 13 to Nov 17

It was indeed another action-packed and eventful week (November 13 to 17) for avid viewers of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo as its highly anticipated quantum episode, or the episode wherein all the major characters were present, was finally aired.

We immediately found ourselves gigil as David (McCoy de Leon) once again set his acting skills in motion as he continues to play the role of “fake Tanggol” in pursuit of convincing Ramon (Christopher de Leon) that he’s indeed his long-lost son in order for him and Olga (Irma Adlawan) to take all the wealth of the Montenegro family.

On the day that the Montenegros introduced him to their business partners and investors as their heir and finally unveiled to him the business that made them filthy rich, David made sure to deceive Ramon that he is really the estranged son he’s been searching for by putting on his “good boy” image anew – which works to Don Julio (Tommy Abuel). David got the biggest surprise of his life as he discovered that they are actually into the drug trade and not any wholesome ventures that they initially told him.

As Don Julio, Ramon, and Olga toured him around their factory, they discussed with him, at the same time, how they operate locally and globally since he’s expected to manage it once the right time comes. They also showed him another top secret of theirs, which is a storage room where they keep a portion of the wads of cash and bars of gold that they own.

Apart from the business partners of the Montenegros, Edwin (Ping Medina) and the whole Batang Tondo also arrived at the drug den to personally meet the boss of Baldo (Peso Ratschild), who turned out to be Ramon. That’s when Edwin discovered the real business of his brother-in-law, much to the shock of the Montenegros. While seeing him there was already enough to infuriate him, Ramon further got mad upon hearing from Edwin that he informed Monique (Lovi Poe) that they’re doing business together. He almost got him killed, but he just warned him to not divulge more information to Monique and his friends, as well as to not show up there again.

As part of the show he was trying to put up, David absolutely appalled everyone, including Olga, when he declared during his speech in front of the guests that he’s not accepting the role that the Montenegros are offering to him, citing that he grew up in a family who taught him not to do bad things. They were more dumbfounded when he mentioned that he was adopted by a cop, so he’s not really keen on becoming a drug lord.

This resulted in a heated argument between Olga and Ramon, as well as confusion among the guests who already lost their trust in him. But Ramon assured them that he would not rat them out despite his principles. While their meeting was ongoing, the authorities led by Jacobe (Victor Silayan), had also raided the drug factory, which made Ramon accuse David of being the one to report to the police.

A nail-biting shootout ensued between the authorities and the group of Montenegros, wherein David caught a bullet for Ramon and the skirmish between Ramon and Rigor (John Estrada) had a sequel. As he witnessed how Ramon almost got Rigor killed during their encounter, the injured David was able to stop him just right in time by pleading him not to shoot him while he was unconscious and tapping at his sentimental facet.

It was also that day when the Nazarene Cup was held, which served as the launchpad of Santino’s (Ronwaldo Martin) dream boxing career. But instead of spending the hours before his first-ever fight warming up, Coach Gary (Levi Ignacio) told him to do his janitorial jobs. Unbeknown to Santino, Coach Gary doesn’t believe in his skills as well, just like the other boxers of the gym and admitted to Lawrence (Paolo Gumabao) that he only chose him to be one of their representatives since he didn’t have any other choice. Good thing, Roberto (Luisito Espinosa) was there to personally train him. Even though he still had hesitations in putting him in the ring, Coach Levi was left with no option since all his players lost their respective matches.

As he was already on the brink of losing, Santino regained his composure and fighting spirit through the encouragement of Roberto, who reminded him not to never give up on his dreams. And that incredibly worked as he was able to knockout his opponent, breaking the losing streak of Kamao Gym and proving his mettle.

While many people in Quiapo were busy with the Feast of the Black Nazarene commemoration, Tanggol (Coco Martin) and his friends, along with Bubbles (Ivana Alawi) and Chief Espinas (Jaclyn Jose) and her group were occupied by their mission for that day, which is to assassinate the Red Phoenix group.

Since Oweng (Renz Joshua "Baby Giant" Baña) and Ben (Mark Lapid) were held captive by Chief Espinas, Tanggol and his friends decided to retreat from their plan of escaping, in fear that the two would be murdered. They were able to tail the Red Phoenix group at the drug den, where they met with Ramon to make amends. Despite the shootout, the mission of Tanggol and Bubbles to kill the Red Phoenix group still pushed through and they succeeded.

Just when the Red Phoenix group thought that they were able to completely run away, they weren’t able to escape their demise. The platoon of police, led by Rigor, was able to catch Tanggol and Bubbles as they were about to flee from the scene.


Rave comments from netizens

We surely got bitin again as the last episode of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo in the previous week capped off with Tanggol and Bubbles being caught by the authorities, led by his adoptive father Rigor, as they’re about to escape. At the same time, the teaser also got us looking forward to the next happenings that are about to unfold.

But before we get to see the much-awaited, heart-pounding chase between our favorite primetime tandem and the police in the forthcoming week, we found ourselves feeling a variety of emotions as we watched the episodes in the previous week.

McCoy de Leon was able to once again compel us with his portrayal of David as he got us gigil anew toward him for being such a huge fraud by pretending that he’s Tanggol. Thus, it cannot be denied that he’s indeed doing a great job for he is able to successfully make the viewers’ blood boil just by the mere sight of him and his pa-inosente acting.

With how he has made us consistently gigil toward him ever since he first appeared on the show, netizens wish that he would be finally caught in his fraudulent schemes, or be murdered. They hoped the same for Rigor during his encounter with Ramon, because of him being a cheating husband and a biased father, but that didn’t happen as Ramon became vulnerable to David’s plea. 

Apart from the abhorred father-and-son tandem, Roda (Direk Joel Lamangan) also triggered our gigil on her as she has remained haughty and wicked toward the people around her, especially to the Dimaguibas as she occupied the stall that was formerly rented by the Dimaculangans to sell cheap medicines and supplements. Just when everybody assumes that she’s going to change for the better after what happened to her, she has remained the same. 

However, even though he’s annoying, we still love the comic relief that she brings to the dramatic and action-packed narrative. Thus, we were truly entertained by her amusing showdown with Tindeng (Charo Santos) and Noy (Lou Veloso).

And speaking of the Dimaculangans, we were utterly disappointed with how Marcing (Pen Medina) and Nita (Susan Africa) have become boastful and conceited as they began to live an affluent life. Although they know how difficult it is to earn everyday, they didn’t just offer loans with whopping interest to their former neighbors and acquaintances in Quiapo, but also  increased the rental fee of the stalls from P500 to P750 since they already acquired the whole strip of stalls from its former owners.

We were also thrilled to see intense action in this week’s episodes of the primetime series, as we witnessed not just the bloody skirmish between the authorities and Ramon’s allies and henchmen, but also the sequel to Ramon and Rigor’s “battle royal” after so many years. Of course, Tanggol and Bubbles, along with Tanggol’s friends, aroused us, too, when they got back in action as they took on their mission of assassinating the Red Phoenix group. 

Aside from bringing us to a rollercoaster of emotions, the past week of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo also brought a few realizations to us about life. And one of those is to never judge someone based on how they look and how we perceive them to be. Just like what happened to Santino, he’s able to prove the cynics and haters wrong by showing that he can stand out, too, despite being a newbie boxer. 

With how exciting the scenes were in the previous week, not to mention that it included the well-executed quantum episode, there’s no wonder that it received six-digit concurrent views across Kapamilya Online Live platforms, even reaching more than 500,000 views. 

Here are some of the rave comments from netizens that we’ve spotted on X (formerly Twitter) regarding the previous week’s episodes:



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