Batang Quiapo Review Aug 21 to Aug 25

It was indeed another highly emotional week (August 21 to 25) for FPJ’s Batang Quiapo as we’d witnessed a slew of heart-rending moments that didn’t only touch our hearts, but also highlighted the dramatic chops of its actors.

The Dimaguibas’ problems pile up when Roda (Joel Lamangan) arrived at the precinct vowing to file another serious case against Tanggol’s (Coco Martin) group as he insisted that they were the intruders who robbed and attempted to murder him at his house, despite not seeing who the real culprit is. As Roda told them that he’s going to attend the arraignment of Tanggol and his friends to testify against him, this enraged Tindeng (Charo Santos) and lambasted him.

As the cases filed against them continues to pile up, Tanggol and his friends have begun to realize the weight of their misdeeds. They couldn’t help but feel remorseful and think that they deserve to be where they are at present. Yet, at the same time, they’re still hopeful that their unwavering faith would help them get out of the hell they’re in and truth will prevail in the end.

However, it’s not same story with Rigor (John Estrada), who told Tanggol that he doesn’t regret what he did to him, which, according to him, is his way of putting an end to his being a hooligan. That made his friends wonder if Rigor really is his father, while Tanggol still blames himself for not being good enough as a son to him.

Mokang (Lovi Poe) then made a surprise visit to not just check on him, but also bid farewell. She told him that aside from having to give up herself, she has to get hitched as well to the man who helped him with their family’s financial struggles. Thus, even though she already harbors feelings towards him, she advised him to give the love he has for her to another woman who will be more deserving of it.

As soon as they arrived home from the police station, Tindeng, Marites (Cherry Pie Picache), Santino (Ronwaldo Martin), and Noy (Lou Veloso) were welcomed by David (McCoy de Leon), who’s angry for wasting their time in saving Tanggol. A heated argument ensued between Marites and David, which led to their breakdown afterwards. They still couldn’t help but be worried about his situation in prison and how his life would be after.

Olga (Irma Adlawan) fetched David from Quiapo upon Don Julio’s (Tommy Abuel) order as he and Ramon’s (Christopher de Leon) wife-to-be would be introduced to one another that day. David got upset as this would mean that he’s not going to completely take all his supposed inheritance from him. But Olga advised him to not immediately show his true colors yet, or else, all their plans will get derailed.

Just when he thought that his problems can be resolved by simply keeping up his good job in pretending as Tanggol, David was absolutely stunned when he found out that the Monique they’re pertaining to is actually Mokang. In order to sort this out, Olga advised him to not come in the mansion in the coming days, as well as to refuse whatever Ramon and/or Don Julio would offer him, so they won’t easily get busted.

Meanwhile, the body of Amanda’s (Lorna Tolentino) sister Cynthia (Via Veloso) was already recovered by the authorities with the help of two junk collectors scavenging as a river. Amanda indeed got devastated upon hearing the horrible news on the radio, compelling her to leave Primo (Lito Lapid) again and go back to the mansion to save her family. Berting (Joey Marquez) also found out about the arrest of Tanggol and his friends, thus he warned Primo and his friends to be more vigilant.

Not wanting to once again put Primo’s life in danger, Amanda attempted to singlehandedly save her family from Augustus (Julio Diaz). She was also able to save her two trusted minions, who helped her in taking away her parents from the mansion. As when they’re about to sneak out, Augustus and his henchmen unfortunately caught them, which resulted in a nail-biting shootout. They’d managed to take her elderly parents out of the scene before the authorities arrived at the scene and arrested Primo, Lucio (Ronnie Lazaro), Turko (Benzon Dalina), and Berting upon the order of Augustus.

Tanggol had another unexpected visitor, but this time it’s David, who, instead of showing and sympathy and concern to his kuya, hurled hurtful words at him. He told him how happy he was upon hearing the news that he finally got imprisoned, as well as how much he hates him, especially after their scuffle not a long time ago. Everything he said, of course, affected Tanggol so much, making him feel bad about himself further. Nonetheless, he still has nothing but unconditional love for her.

Being the pretentious scoundrel that he is, David painted a black picture of Tanggol anew to Rigor during their brief chat after visiting Tanggol. He even told him falsehoods and asked his father to make sure that Tanggol would rot in jail for him to be able to learn his lessons.

Meanwhile, Augustus assaulted Amanda after successfully separating her again from Primo. As he threatened to kill Primo, she dared him to do it to her as well, which Augustus almost did but, of course, we know that he can’t since he loves her still.  

On the other hand, Primo, Berting, Lucio, and Turko were brought to the police station as Augustus alleged them of robbing his house. They were arrogantly confronted by Rigor, who defamed Berting as a former high-ranking police official who’s not worth emulating because of getting involved in corrupt activities. Upon the command of Col. Suarez (King Gutierrez), their group was brought to a smaller cell covered with two cabinets as their punishment.

Tanggol then noticed the disturbing intimacy between Rigor and Lena (Mercedes Cabral), which according to his Ninong Mando (Allan Paule) is just her way of showing concern. Tanggol and Mando also had a heart-to-heart conversation, in which the former expressed his gratitude to the latter for being a father figure to him ever since he was a baby, as well as his worry about their looming transfer to city jail. Mando reassured him that everything would eventually turn out fine, so he must keep holding on to his faith.


Comments from netizens

The episodes in the previous week (August 21 to August 25) of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo were indeed filled with heartwarming moments that indeed moved us and even made us cry.

We witnessed how Tanggol broke down several times as he and his friends contemplated about the repercussions of everything they did that brought them in this debacle. Remorse was indeed evident in his facial expressions, as he expressed how regretful he is for not choosing to tread on a straight path nor to live a more decent life that could have given him a greater chance to be loved back by Mokang.

We have never seen him as helpless and hopeless ever since his story started to unfold six months ago as he seems to have already given up to himself. He has also lost his will to live now that the love of his life is already gone and has left him for someone better.

As she confessed that she has already fallen in love with Tanggol as well, Mokang couldn’t help but feel sorry for herself for not being able to freely live the life she has envisioned. At the same time, we can say that she’s probably overwhelmed, too, with the preparations for her and Ramon’s wedding and the forthcoming new journey she’s going to take.

We also felt the pain of Tindeng and Marites during their intense confrontation with David, who once again hurled snide remarks about Tanggol and how foolish they are for continuously sticking by his side despite being already imprisoned. The same with Amanda who got devastated over the death of her sister and being separated again to the love of his life.

Coco Martin, Lovi Poe, Charo Santos, Cherry Pie Picache, and Lorna Tolentino all indeed astounded us with their dramatic chops.

At the same time, Lorna and Lito Lapid amazed the netizens with their fighting skills that they showcased in their action scenes, especially that Lorna is known as a dramatic actress, while Lito is one of the most celebrated action stars in the country.

And, of course, our every week wouldn’t be complete without McCoy de Leon getting into our nerves because of his compelling portrayal of his sly, arrogant, liar, and despicable character David.

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Will there be really no hope for Tanggol and his friends to be emancipated? Well, that’s for us to find out in the upcoming episodes of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.