Ivana disguises as sampaguita vendor

Aside from giving us a glimpse into her life in and out of showbiz, taking us to different places, and showing us her delightful bonding moments with her beloved family and closest friends through her vlogs, FPJ’s Batang Quiapo star Ivana Alawi has also endeared us a number of times with her altruism, which she does by initially executing a social experiment before revealing herself and the fantastic surprise she has in store for her chosen subjects.

And in the spirit of Holy Week, as well as in her pursuit of sharing the overwhelming blessings she has been receiving, she once again hit the road with her team and put on a disguise as a sampaguita vendor to execute another street prank as seen in her latest vlog. This time, she chose to perform it outside the The International Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, also known as the Antipolo Cathedral, which holds a special place in her heart.

She recounted that time she and her Ate Amira did an alay-lakad going there when she was only between 14 to 15 years old. They started their eight-hour-long walk at their old house in Sta. Mesa, Manila, with Ivana fervently praying for God to fulfill something she initially deemed unattainable or impossible, but her heart strongly desired. And God made that dream of hers come true.

Since then, Antipolo Cathedral has become special to her. Thus, she visits there sometimes to pray and light candles for her petitions and thanksgivings, wearing a cap and hoodie to conceal her identity and not attract attention.

Aside from herself, she also allowed the viewers of this vlog to contribute to her generous act by asking them not to skip any ads that would appear because the proceeds of this video will be donated to the church. She also promised to multiply to Php1000 every amount that would be given to her, so she brought with her Php1,000,000 cash and her checkbook just in case someone would give her a huge amount.

It took her quite some time to find someone who would give her money until she spotted a street vendor named Nicks, a 21-year-old Criminology student who was compelled to stop her studies due to lack of finances. Aside from buying worth Php20 of sampaguita from Ivana, who introduced herself as Patricia, and giving her a piece of candy, she even kindly conversed with her. Nicks wasn’t able to contain her surprise and emotions upon being told by Ivana that she would return her kindness with Php20,000.

She then approached a fruit vendor named Junior, who didn’t just buy Php10 worth of sampaguita from her, but gave her two pieces of star apples or kaimito and even talked to her. Hearing her made-up sob story and fearing that it might be a scam, he was initially stunned and hesitant to accept the Php10,000 from her. But Ivana assured him that she’s not a fraud since she was actually on a mission to find kindhearted people who were willing to extend their hand in spite of their current circumstances.

The sexy actress-vlogger once again found it difficult to look for the next individuals with whom she would share her blessings with until she met an elderly woman named Gigi, who bought Php20 worth of sampaguita. She was initially hesitant to accept the Php20,000 she was handing her, assuming that she would need it more than her, but Ivana told her that it was her way of sharing her blessings. A traffic enforcer named John Andrei then purchased Php10 worth of sampaguita from her and she returned it with Php10,000.

Ivana then attempted to sell sampaguita to an ice cream vendor, who gave her a serving of ice cream instead of buying from her, so she simply left him Php1000. She then headed to the rows of peanut and kakanin stalls and was entertained by one of the stall keepers named Amy, who handed her Php20 in exchange of sampaguita. Thus, she gave her Php20,000, which would be a great help to her fellow storekeeper and her seven children.

Observing that a lot of people in the area already knew about her stunt, Ivana and her team decided to move to Lower Antipolo to continue giving away money. But before that, she first swung by the Antipolo Cathedral to pray and light candles while still in her disguise.

As she continued her mission, the two tricycle drivers she met, namely Joel and Roberto, didn’t fail her as both of them were nice and even purchased Php10 worth of sampaguita from her. They were both dumbfounded to receive Php10,000 from her and to find out that it was her, especially Roberto who saw her in FPJ’s Batang Quiapo.

Kahit anong hingiin, hindi sila nagdadalawang-isip na tumulong or nanghihingi ng kapalit. Wala silang hinihingi kaya nakakatuwa talaga ang mga Pilipino, na tutulong talaga sila. ‘Yong iba nga walang tinda, pero tumutulong pa rin sa kapwa-Pilipino. So, ganyan kabuti ang mga puso. Ang babait nila. Maraming-maraming salamat,” Ivana expressed in the earlier portion of the vlog.

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