Ivana “biyaheng Quiapo” as jeepney barker

We adore Ivana Alawi for numerous reasons — her beauty, talent, and above all, her generous heart. The actress continues to spread joy and kindness, and she does it in such a way that even her audience would be inspired and entertained.  

A lucky “biyaheng Quiapo” jeepney driver instantly received 50,000 pesos after Ivana borrowed his vehicle in her recent vlog. 

Together with famous TikToker Euleen Castro, better known as Pambansang Yobab, they looked for a jeepney driver who would lend them his vehicle for a day. Euleen was supposed to take on the driver’s seat but she and Ivana ended up as the barkers instead. 

Funny banters were served up throughout the episode as they joked with passengers by asking them for higher fares than the actual amount, but Ivana surprised them by generously giving each of them 1,000 pesos and waiving their fare entirely.

Ivana’s gift brought joy to the passengers. Some students got an instant allowance, and there were even sellers who received additional capital for their small businesses. Some mentioned that they’re huge fans of Ivana’s vlogs and “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo,” thus just being able to ride the same jeepney and take selfies with “Bubbles” was enough to brighten their day. 

Meanwhile, the Kapamilya actress spread more good vibes with Euleen as they made stops sari-sari stores to buy their snacks. She also tried to handle the steering wheel for experience. 

Ivana admired the story of the jeepney driver who started learning how to drive at the age of nine through his father who was also a jeepney driver. She was impressed upon learning how much hard work a jeepney driver goes through just to transport passengers and earn – 1,000 pesos a day –  for their family’s daily sustenance. And what she admired the most about him was his positive attitude. She noticed he was constantly smiling. 
That's why she didn't hesitate to give him 50,000 pesos, which, according to him and his wife, they will also share with their relatives in the province.

Check out the full video from Ivana’s YouTube channel. 

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