Batang Quiapo 1st Anniv: Funniest Scenes

In the past year of dominating primetime, FPJ’s Batang Quiapo has never failed to provide viewers with a burst of adrenaline through its action-packed and riveting sequences, with Coco Martin serving up new flavors of fighting styles.

However, as a breather from all the heart-pounding action scenes, just the right amount of comedy is inserted once in a while. And as the series celebrates its 1st anniversary, we want to look back on those fun, good vibes-inducing times.

Tanggol (Coco Martin) grew up in a community where people may be poor in money but rich in humor. Having neighbors and a group of ‘kababata’ who can make you laugh helps lighten up life even just for a moment. Tanggol’s ‘kwentuhang tambay’ with friends are among our favorites, such as that scene where Mokang (Lovi Poe) joined the group one afternoon and thanked them for saving her from JP (Dino Imperial)’s advances.

Exalted by his crush, Tanggol smiled and said, “Mga bata pa lang tayo, handa na kitang ipagtanggol kahit kanino. Ngayon pa na nagdadalaga ka na, pwede ka na tapos uunahan ako ng iba. Huy! Hindi pwede ‘yun.” He insisted that he has good intentions, “Siyempre, ikaw ang magiging ina ng mga anak ko.” When he sensed that Mokang was gobsmacked by his low-key confession, he backpedalled, “Wala akong gusto sa’yo, pagnanasa meron.” Tanggol is clearly the life of the “tropa” and the king of “banat.”

The team that stays together, showers with pee together. We could never forget that scene where Tanggol and his squad waited outside Mokang’s house to apologize for their misbehavior towards her classmates whom she invited to their place for her debut celebration. Upset, Mokang took a chamber pot and poured its content on the guys.

Whatever the day is, Chicky (Toni Fowler) lets her bubbly side shine through. Mokang’s BFF gave us a good laugh when she bantered with Tanggol’s friends, who could only stare at her beauty. The guys had funny comments about Chicky’s glow up, which they chalked up to science and money.

It sure rained good vibes when Tanggol and Mokang showed off their dance moves a la budots during the latter’s debut party. We never thought Coco could be this goofy on the dance floor!

Hilarity mixed up with kilig in that scene where Mokang joined Tanggol’s friends in a drinking session where the group teased the two’s potential relationship. Flashing his boy-next-door smile, he told her, “Masaya ako ‘pag kasama ka namin.” She asked why the lingering stares, to which he replied, “Nagugutom kasi ako. Gusto kitang gawing kanin at saka ulam.” The “asaran” continued and they noticed Mokang was turning red. Tanggol said, “’Pag ito nalasing mamaya, in love na sa akin ‘to.” Riding on the fun, their friends dared them to a staring showdown. The unscripted banter and organic smiles and laughter made this scene truly one for the books in Tanggol and Mokang’s journey.

In FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, Noy (Lou Veloso)’s character teaches us that finding humor amidst the hustle is a survival skill. Through his wit, he can turn difficult and mundane moments into comedy gold, such as that time when he suggested he and Tindeng (Charo Santos) change careers into snatching and theft, topped with the idea of Tindeng working in a nightclub. “Poong Nazareno, pinag-isipan talaga,” was his reaction to Tindeng’s question, “Palagay mo may asim pa ako?” Then, they thought they could just learn how to dye hair and do mani-pedi.

Chismisan time has never been this funny! When Noy noticed that Tindeng and Marites (Cherry Pie Picache) were uninterested in his news aka ‘chismis,’ because of a misunderstanding between the mother and daughter, he lightened the mood by pretending to talk to himself in a comical voice.

Roda (Joel Lamangan) might be annoying due to his arrogance and greed, but there is a hint of hilarity in his “maldita” ways. We were infuriated but amused just the same when he stayed in the old house that Marsing (Pen Medina) and Nita (Susan Africa) used as collateral for their unpaid loan. However, Marsing made sure that Roda would only get to occupy the house, so he took away all their belongings and gave them to their neighbors. Roda had nothing left, not even clothes to wear, when a group of “marites” visited him and, shocked to see him topless, asked if he was molested. Pitying himself for eating “pagpag” or leftover food, Roda faced the mirror and declared, “You’re an intelligent and confident woman. Dapat hindi ka magpatalo. Lumaban ka.”

The second season brought Tanggol and his friends to prison, where he caught the attention of the funny female inmates including Becky (Donny Cariaga) and Ibyang (Lotlot Bustamante). There was one sequence where Ibyang came out of the toilet draped in a curtain, having run out of towels. Meanwhile, Becky informed her partner that the other female inmates, too, had their eyes on Tanggol. In response, they informed them about a "pila," as if there was a competition surrounding Tanggol's undeniable charm.

The duo cracked us up when they got so ‘kilig’ upon meeting Tanggol, who was then beginning to become the new ‘crush ng selda.’ They were quick to confess their feelings in a rib-tickling way, with Becky introducing herself, “Hello, ako si Becky! I’m yours, you’re mine.” When Tanggol replied with warmth, Ibyang quipped, “Ang galang mo naman. Pwede mo akong bastusin. Rawwr.” LOL!

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