Batang Quiapo Review Aug 28 to Sept 1

As the month of September commences, so is the new chapter of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, which brought us to the new journey, as well as new troubles and personalities, that Tanggol (Coco Martin) and his friends are going to confront now that they’re already transferred to the national penitentiary for the crimes they committed and not.

The previous week (August 28 to September 1) began with the arrival of Mokang’s (Lovi Poe) family at the mansion of the Montenegros as her wedding with Ramon, a.k.a. Albert (Christopher de Leon) is fast-approaching. This, of course, bewildered Marsing (Pen Medina), who finally found out from Aling Nita (Susan Africa) what their beloved daughter had to sacrifice in order to keep him alive. This may be hurtful since that is something they didn’t dream for her, but what they can do now is accept the situation and support Mokang in her plans.

Their presence at the mansion certainly doesn’t sit well with Olga (Irma Adlawan) because aside from being strangers, there’s a huge possibility that they are going to foil her and David’s (McCoy de Leon) wicked schemes against her own family and Tanggol. Thus, she confronted their father Don Julio (Tommy Abuel), who told her to remind their servants to address Ramon as Albert since the Dimaculangans should not find out about their real identity.

A heated confrontation once again erupted at the Dimaguiba household as Tindeng (Charo Santoss) and Rigor (John Estrada) got incensed by each other because of what happened to Tanggol. Marites (Cherry Pie Picache) attempted to stop by telling them the reason why couldn’t attain peace at home is due to their incessant bickering. It also doesn’t help that the two-faced David fuels the rage of Rigor against Tanggol, as well as ignited the tiff between his parents after he told Rigor that Marites slapped him because of Tindeng.  

As his way of exacting revenge at Primo (Lito Lapid), Berting (Joey Marquez), Lucio (Ronnie Lazaro), and Turko (Benzon Dalina) for taking the love of his life Amanda (Lorna) away from him, P/Major General Augustus V. Pacheco (Julio Diaz) ordered Col. Suarez (King Gutierrez) to punish them. Lt. Jacobe (Victor Silayan) and Lt. Samonte (Jorel Ramirez) heeded to his command by severely beating them up. Amanda (Lorna Tolentino) refused to go back to him, so Augustus threatened to kill her parents and most trusted right-hand Eric (Kiko Matos), which really infuriated her.

Marites immediately confronted David after her heated argument with Rigor, telling him that what she’d done is her way of correcting his misdemeanors. As Marites expressed how she’s already feeling helpless about their situation and David’s unpleasant behavior, Tindeng advised her daughter to not repeat the same mistake she committed of giving up on Tanggol. Subsequently, Marites had a heart-to-heart talk with her bunso Santino (Ronwaldo Martin), in which she apologized for her misgivings as a mother, expressed how proud she is of him for being a good kid, and talked to him about his ambitions in life. She encouraged him to continue chasing and working hard for his dream, as well as reminded him to keep his good heart no matter what happens.

While Marites worriedly wait for Rigor to come home, his husband actually had an intimate moment with his colleague Lena (Mercedes Cabral). But instead of castigating him about it, she just chose to sort out their problem with David by vowing to address their issues calmly next time. He also didn’t apologize for not coming home and even maintained that he doesn’t see anything wrong with their second son’s behavior. Rigor confronted David, but, as expected, he only told him lies.

Olga came with the Dimaguibas when they visited Tanggol at the detention cell before his and his friends’ trial that day. She even pretentiously asked him for an embrace as he reminded her of her late son who got killed, and even told him that she would pray for him to be acquitted from all the charges filed against them. As we all know, she was pertaining to Greg (RK Bagatsing), who was murdered by Tanggol during their bloody skirmish.

In another attempt to win her back, Augustus showed to Amanda the bloodstained denim jacket of Primo, showing her what he can do if she continues to be defiant.

Tanggol and his friends were then brought to the court for their trial, in which Roda (Direk Joel Lamangan), their barangay captain, a neighbor, and Rigor testified against them. In the end, they were sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 20 years, as well as are required to pay a fine of Php200,000 as reparations to Roda. Olga then executed her plan of killing Tanggol, but failed as she missed her shot.

Thus, she just immediately called Jail Warden Colonel Gerardo Balatucan (Robert Seña) and inform about the arrival of Tanggol and his friends at the maximum security prison. She asked him to make their lives difficult while they were there, in exchange of a whopping Php3-million reward.

As Tanggol and his friends start their new life inside a bigger jail, we were also introduced to a new set of characters being played by veteran and talented thespians. Among them are Vandolph, Zeppi Borromeo, Hap Rice, Michael Rivero, Joel "Pambansang Kolokoy" Mondina, Robert Seña, Jess Evardone, Lao Rodriguez, internationally-acclaimed actor Soliman Cruz, and 2016 Cannes Film Festival Best Actress Jaclyn Jose. 

Comments from netizens

The previous week of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo was indeed filled with heavy drama and intense confrontation scenes. We once again witnessed the heated arguments among the Dimaguiba Family, which are still caused by Tanggol’s incarceration.

Viewers found themselves totally annoyed towards Rigor and David anew with how they badly treat the people around them, except one another. David got in our nerves again due to his excessive arrogance towards his family, his girlfriend Camille (Yukii Takahashi), and their neighbors, as well as with how such a two-faced he is every time his father is around.

At the same time, Rigor also got audiences gigil towards him, too, because of how disrespectful and C he is, especially to Marites and Tindeng. It’s really infuriating how he’s been gaslighting his wife and projecting himself as a morally upright man when he’s actually cheating on her.

Amidst the rage and gigil that we felt towards this week’s episodes, many also felt proud and delighted when Marites finally mustered the courage to speak up for herself, Tindeng, and Tanggol by accosting Rigor for his misgivings and misdeeds.

Furthermore, netizens also expressed their excitement towards the new set of characters introduced in the commencement of the newest season.

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How will the lives of Tanggol and his friends be while inside the maximum security prison? Let’s see by not missing an episode of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, weeknights after TV Patrol, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5 and A2Z.