Charos Santos’ trending scenes in Batang Quiapo that evoke female resilience and compassion

Through the years, Charo Santos has become the face of female prowess and success in the realms of entertainment, private life, and whatever she is doing. Time and again, she proves that a woman can uphold excellence, rise to the top while exhibiting perseverance and commitment and empowering fellow women.

In celebration of National Women’s Month, we spotlight Charo as an artist who expertly tells the story of unsung female heroes, of moms and grandmas tirelessly keeping the family intact like her role as Tindeng in FPJ’s Batang Quiapo.

Viewers love watching her in the series, and not only to glean inspiration and valuable lessons from her character but to also marvel at her mesmerizing acting brilliance. While Charo’s unambiguous talent has been established a long time ago, her trending scenes in FPJ’s Batang Quiapo have proven just how strong the gravitas she holds as an actress is.

Her love is unconditional

As Tindeng, she illustrates a grandmother’s unwavering affection by never giving up on Tanggol played by Coco Martin. While Marites (Cherry Pie Picache) is in limbo about her emotions toward her unwanted son, Tindeng never faltered in showing Tanggol love and acceptance, while trying to pull him to the right path however difficult.

The scene that witnessed Tindeng shielding Tanggol from Rigor (John Estrada)’s punches showcased Charo’s ability to don a character like a second skin. Her eyes were tainted with tears and they glowed with hurt and empathy. On-screen, she makes a woman’s embrace feel inviting like a safe haven.

Her heart is a shelter

To care for other people is a like woman’s duty that she’s always bound to. Charo’s character tells us that a woman’s heart has the capacity to love even strangers, proven by Tindeng’s excited reaction when she met Tolits (Aaron Sunga) and Tala (Erin Espiritu), the street kids who Tanggol took under his wings.

It’s okay to be vulnerable, what matters is getting back up again

She hasn’t had an easy life, as any mother in the world, but she can turn every heartbreak and loss into motivation. In one of her dramatic spiels in the teleserye, Tindeng mused on the harsh realities of living in poverty after Rigor evicted the kids from his house. But, after this, she would wear a smile and press on regardless of how she’s truly feeling inside.

An empowered woman stands her ground

Charo’s portrayal proves that a woman has nerves of steel, manifested in the scene where she fought back when ordered to kneel and kiss their landlord Roda (Joel Lamangan)’s feet to save their stall in the market. Instead of pleading and allowing the other person to step on her, Tindeng turned from deadpan to dangerously fierce and hit Roda’s foot with a rock.

She carries hope

For Tindeng, hope is always there. Growing old in a poverty-stricken place in Quiapo, hope gets her through. Hope was palpable in Charo's dramatic monologue where she implored Jesus Nazareno’s protection for Tanggol. She would also talk to Noy (Lou Veloso) about her prayers to see Tanggol’s life transform despite the hurdles.

More than just a fictional character, Tindeng’s story rings true to many female viewers thanks to Charo’s compelling portrayal. Catch more of her heart-wrenching scenes in FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z and TV5.