Batang Quiapo October 30 to November 3

The friends of Tanggol finally found out that Bubbles was the one who helped him in his first-ever mission of killing Congressman Sevilla (Jong Cuenco). They, of course, found it unbelievable because of her beautiful face and small frame, but Ben (Mark Lapid) imparted that Bubbles actually used to work with Bong (Vandolph Quizon) as one of Chief Espinas’ (Jaclyn Jose) hitmen.

In their pursuit of putting Tanggol and his friends in a bad light anew, the group of Bong tried to provoke Tanggol as they walked back to their cell. But they didn’t succeed as he was able to hold his temper and heeded Ben’s advice to just let them be because he knows that it’s part of their strategy and that they’re scared stiff of Chief Espinas.

As they felt that their situation inside the jail was getting worse, the eagerness of Tanggol and his friends to get out accelerated again. Thus, Ben suggested that they should try to escape again since nobody had discovered about it yet. Ben refused to join them since he was informed that his case isn’t a lost cause yet and he does not want to complicate it.

Just when Tanggol assumed that his family had already forgotten about him, little he did know that his Lola Tindeng (Charo Santos) got worried sick upon learning from their barangay chairman that there was a riot in the maximum security and that she had been planning to visit him as soon as possible.

While her parents were totally keen on filing a complaint against David (McCoy de Leon) for assaulting her, Camille (Yukii Takahashi) decided not to press charges anymore and stay with him to fix whatever misunderstanding they had. Apparently, she let herself be manipulated by her pretentious, gaslighting, and abusive boyfriend, who said that what happened was purely an accident and that he could never hurt her because he loves her so much.

As soon as they arrived home, Rigor (John Estrada) admonished David for what he had done to Camille. He didn’t believe when David told him that he didn’t mean to do it, even though he used his paawa effect. David was compelled to confess the truth about what triggered him to do it, with Rigor telling him that although he committed the same mistake before, he never hit Marites (Cherry Pie Picache). He also advised David to forget about his other woman while he still has a chance, to which David immediately heeded to and apologized for.

Meanwhile, Marites assured Camille that she would do anything to find out the truth and that she would never tolerate his wrongdoings. She also rebuked him and even checked his phone to confirm that he was telling the truth, as well as prodded him to apologize to Camille. He obeyed his mother and even showed his family that he really regretted what he did to her by showering her with sweet words and promising them that he would not do it again.

However, it was all for the show as David reproached Camille as soon as they were inside their bedroom for prying too much into his personal affairs and causing another mess in their family, which painted him as a bad person once again to his family.

In the Montenegro mansion, Mokang (Lovi Poe) expressed her disagreement with her parents for using the whopping amount of cash that her husband Alberto (Christopher de Leon) had given to them for their money-lending business. Marsing (Pen Medina) and Nita (Susan Africa) also received an insulting remark from Don Julio (Tommy Abuel) upon learning that they’d already established their own business.

A tiff erupted between the Dimaculangans and the Montenegros over dinner as Mokang tried to appease the ill-tempered Alberto. She offered her help in handling his other ventures, but this only agitated the ill-tempered Alberto and caused him to raise his voice on her. This, of course, didn’t sit well with Marsing as he reprimanded Alberto, which, in turn, piqued Don Julio. Nita then brought up how Don Julio has been mistreating them ever since they started staying at the mansion, which further stirred the situation. Olga (Irma Adlawan), meanwhile, stayed composed and even tried to stop the Dimaculangans from leaving the dining room to talk everything out.

Alberto followed them to apologize for his and his father’s misdeeds and vowed to fix this mess. Mokang and Alberto separately talked to their parents. The two families then had a meeting at the dining room to settle their dispute, in which both Marsing and Don Julio made amends and agreed to set aside their differences.

As the Red Phoenix group was still in trouble paying off their financial obligations to Ramon (Christopher de Leon) the following, or else they would be facing their deaths, Roy (Jeffrey Tam) made a risky move of tricking Mr. Salazar (Johnny Revilla) during their business transaction that evening. A suspenseful gunfight ensued between them as Roy didn’t agree to Mr. Salazar cancelling their deal and taking his payment back.

Roy informed Angkong (Joonee Gamboa) that he double-crossed Salazar as soon as he arrived at their hideout, telling them that it was because he was more afraid of what Ramon could do to them. As Salazar lost his son after being fatally shot by Roy during their gunfight, he sought the help of Chief Espinas to take revenge for him by killing all the members of Red Phoenix – and he doesn’t mind how much it would cost. Macasantos (Lao Rodriguez) and Balatucan (Robert Seña) were initially taken aback upon finding out that their next target would be the huge drug syndicate, but they eventually got thrilled when she told them that Mr. Salazar offered Php 100 million. Chief Espinas also sees this as a reason for them to get rid of the said mafia group, which she considers as one of the greatest scourges in society.

Just when P/Lt. Luis Jacobe, a.k.a. Justin (Victor Silayan) thought that he and his platoon were going to succeed in finally seizing the group of Edwin (Ping Medina) that night, but they failed as a shootout ensued between the two groups. However, Jacobe was smart enough to be able to persuade the Batang Tondo group that he’s really on their side and he’s so interested in being their business partner. He even made Edwin impart to him a little information about the huge shipment of drugs that their main source will have the following day.

Chief Espinas discussed with Bubbles and Tanggol their latest mission, with the latter getting surprised that it was Red Phoenix group, which is the main reason why he and his friends are now in jail.


Valuable takeaways and reactions from netizens

The scenes in FPJ’s Batang Quiapo’s latest five episodes didn’t fall short in stirring our emotions and drumming up the excitement that we all surely feel after seeing the newest trailer that showed us what to expect in the upcoming episodes.

Netizens got pissed off with Camille as she refused to take the opportunity for her to be free from the cunning, gaslighting, and abusive David, who was able to once again manipulate her and make her believe that he has already changed. They also felt the same toward Marites, who also fell victim to her son’s lies, as well as toward Rigor for lecturing his most favored child about disengaging in illicit affairs that he can’t even do with himself.

But aside from gigil, we were also able to get a few nuggets of wisdom from the past week’s episodes from some of the characters, particularly from the mother-and-daughter tandem of Marites and Tindeng.

Viewers probably got struck by Marites’ admonition on David regarding the true meaning of masculinity. According to her, “Kung akala mo ang sukatan ng isang tunay na lalaki ay ‘yong pagiging boss, ‘yong pagiging siga, hindi ‘yon. Ang sukatan, anak, ng totoong pagiging lalaki ay ang isang lalaking marunong humarap sa kanyang responsibilidad. ‘Yong may integridad, ‘yong pipiliin ang tama kaysa sa mali.

The same with Tindeng, who reminded Camille about letting David’s misconduct slide. She warned her, “Dahil minsang palampasin mo ‘to, sinisiguro ko sa’yo, mauulit at mauulit ‘yan,” and then she added, “Huwag kang martir!” Besides, she’s willing to chastise David if ever he would do something nasty again to Camille that may affect their child. This isn’t just a case of fighting for what is right and just, but of standing up for other women who cannot defend or protect themselves on their own.

Here are some of the tweets about the previous five episodes that we saw on X (formerly Twitter):



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