FPJ’s Batang Quiapo March 11 to March 15

It was indeed a week (March 11 to March 15) filled with hope for several character of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo as they finally attained (or soon to achieve!) the things they yearn/ed for for a very long time. We witnessed Bubbles (Ivana Alawi) getting her freedom from the correctional facility, while Tanggol (Coco Martin) and his friends are looking forward to regain theirs, too.  

Upon learning that his parents aren’t aware yet that he has already dabbled in boxing, Coach Gary (Levi Ignacio) make Santino (Ronwaldo Martin) choose whether he would go back to being a plain janitor of the gym or he would ask his parents’ permission for him to continue his foray in boxing. In the end, Santino decided to return to his janitorial duties until he musters the courage to tell Rigor (John Estrada) and Marites (Cherry Pie Picache) that he would like to pursue boxing.

After their business meeting, Ramon (Christopher de Leon) invited Señor Facundo (Jaime Fabregas) and his grandson Pablo (Elijah Canlas) to have their shooting practice at the firing range inside the mansion. David (McCoy de Leon), a.k.a. fake Tanggol, and Pablo went head-to-head in a shooting match as prompted by Ramon and Facundo, in which Pablo lost. Señor Facundo and Pablo’s sidekick Ruben (Yce Navarro) also came home defeated after losing their respective bets.

Bong’s (Vandolph Quizon) former minions then expressed their willingness to forge allegiance with Tanggol and his friends after what happened during the riot and since Bong is already dead. While Marcelo (Nonie Buencamino) was so eager to this reconciliation, Celso (Soliman Cruz) and his friends assume that he definitely has ulterior motives towards everyone in their cell, especially Tanggol and his friends, with how he has been acting so nice.

Fulfilling his promise to help them be emancipated, Marcelo brought Tanggol and his friends during his meeting with the lawyer sent by Señor Facundo to help him out. The lawyer told them that he would look into their cases and see how they could turn things into their favor. The group returned to their cell filled with hope and enthusiasm, which Celso noticed and warned them about Marcelo’s sweet talks, true intentions. Celso and Marcelo had a little altercation as the latter expressed his eagerness to be close with Chief Dolores Espinas (Jaclyn Jose), and cautioned Tanggol about putting his full trust on someone with dubious identity.

In pursuit of further winning over his cellmates, Marcelo ordered sumptuous food for them, much to everyone’s delight, except Celso and his friends. He also sent a lot of food to Chief Espinas and the jail wardens as he tried his luck in building a good connection with her. Unfortunately for him, she’s not the type who would easily fall for his tricks as she commanded Celso to watch him carefully and warned Marcelo that she would remember him. At the same time, Tanggol cautioned Marcelo to be careful because he would surely not want to infuriate her nor commit a mistake.

Seeing the distrust of Chief Espinas towards Marcelo, Tanggol and his friends agreed to not completely put their faith on him. They also decided not to tell her that they already got a lawyer through him because they know that she might do everything in her power to stop their release, especially now that she has nobody to depend on to do her dirty work outside after the death of Bong and his cohorts and Bubbles was already free.  

After accompanying Marites in finding Tindeng (Charo Santos) and Noy (Lou Veloso) around Quiapo and in following Lena (Mercedes Cabral) to her house in hopes of catching her and Rigor red-handed and proving that they indeed have an illicit affair, Olga (Irma Adlawan) even escorted her going home. She also offered to be her confidant, especially now that she’s going through tough times again.

As Marites introduced her to Rigor upon his arrival, Olga greeted him by asking if he was the one being interviewed on the news about the riot at the correctional facility earlier that day. When he affirmed and implied that Tanggol was involved, Olga commented that things are indeed messy there and the officials are engaged in anomalous activities.

Upon being asked by Rigor how she’s able to know about that, Olga made up a somber story to encourage him to hasten his investigations. She related that his sibling, who was imprisoned there for almost a decade, was hired by the officials to be a hitman in exchange for money, yet they killed him afterwards when they already had no use of him.

According to her, she found out about it through the letters that he secretly handed to her every time she visited him. She agreed to bring the letters to Rigor when he asked for them, saying that she wants to help them in putting an end to their corrupt practices and to seek justice for her sibling’s death as well. 

As soon as she arrived home, Olga was welcomed by his exasperated brother and dad after they found out from their henchmen that they had an encounter with his rival Don Ismael (Gino Ilustre), who, like them, sought to also take over Quiapo. David suggested for them to just look for another area to control, yet Ramon declined the idea since he would bequeath to him all his possessions and make him king of Quiapo someday. Thrilled by that promise, Olga reminded David that he’s just a fraud and that it will be Ramon who will kill him once he finds out the truth, so he better diminishes his arrogance.

While the Montenegros were occupied by their problem with Don Ismael, she would take advantage of this time to help her estranged daughter Bubbles and exact revenge on Tanggol and Chief Espinas. As Bubbles went out of the facility the following morning, Olga watched her from afar and vowed to reunite with her someday to and bring her to her world to also savor the wealth that should be hers, too. Prior to that, she already sent the letters of her fictional demised sibling that he promised to Rigor and made sure that he would not find out that she was just making things up.

Marcelo’s lawyer updated him that he would have their court hearing later that day, as well as Tanggol and his friends. Just when Marcelo was about to ask him to research about Chief Espinas, Atty. Dela Cruz told him that he already did and learned that she’s currently under investigation. The lawyer also informed Don Facundo about it, which was overheard by Tindeng when she delivered his coffee. She told Noy about it and they both thought of asking his help for Tanggol.

As Tanggol and his friends were filled with hope about their much-awaited freedom, the same went for Marites upon learning from their barangay chairman that her beloved son and his friends have the chance to be acquitted from their charges. This was after the court released an order and subpoena regarding Tanggol’s case after his lawyer filed a motion for inhibition and the new judge wished to review all the evidences and statements of the witnesses to verify if the initial decision was correct.

Chief Espinas also received the same documents, so she confronted Tanggol and his friends about it and asked him if he doesn’t want to work with him anymore. She found out that it was Marcelo who helped them and faced him up to tell him that she already knew why he’s being suspiciously nice to him and his friends.

Rave comments from netizens

Avid viewers of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo were arguably annoyed by Marites because, yet again, she let herself be fooled by both Olga and Rigor. She fell for Olga’s friendship bait anew after she promised to stay by her side and her shoulder to cry on amid everything that she’s going through right now. The same as with her husband’s pretentious acts, which convinced her to not think ill against him nor doubt his being a “morally upright” policeman anymore.

As Bubbles bade goodbye to her adoptive grandfather and the friends she made inside the correctional, the audiences were arguably touched with her messages for them. At the same time, fervent shippers of her tandem with Tanggol surely got kilig anew when they got the chance to talk to one another in private, thanks to insistent prodding of his friends. While we’re hurting for Bubbles as Tanggol once again mentioned his plan of hunting down the husband of Mokang (Lovi Poe) to avenge her death, we are happy that she’s still looking forward to seeing him outside and even handed him her favorite cap so that he would have a reason to search for her.

Her farewell with her besties Ibyang (Lotlot Bustamante) and Becky (Donna Cariaga), as well as with Chief Espinas on the day of her release was also heartwarming. It was also one of the times that we saw the soft side of the mighty jail officer, who felt happy and sad at the same time that Bubbles is already leaving.

In the trailer showing the scenes that we must watch out for in the coming week, we got to see two new faces joining the ever growing FPJ’s Batang Quiapo family – Nikko Natividad and Kim Rodriguez, whose characters are apparently important in the life of Bubbles.

Here are some of the rave comments from netizens on X (formerly Twitter) regarding the past week’s (March 11 to March 15) episodes:



Will Tanggol and his friends be finally acquitted from their cases and started living the brand-new life they’ve been yearning for? Let’s find out in the next episodes of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, weeknights at 8PM, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5 and A2Z..