Batang Quiapo: Coco & Lovi Shoot

It’s a whole new vibe from Coco Martin and Lovi Poe!

Coco and Lovi began taping their scenes for the upcoming Kapamilya series FPJ’s Batang Quiapo,” as seen on Coco’s social media pages. Fans are given a sneak peek of the tandem’s new looks for their characters. 

Batang Quiapo BTS Lovi Coco

Coco transforms into a charming troublemaker with a delicately styled haircut to boot. Netizens commented that it made the Primetime King appear even more youthful. Similarly, Lovi, who is usually garbed in sultry ‘fits, is street-style clad this time– loose shirt and boyfriend jeans – topped with a boyish, no-nonsense demeanor.  



The original 1986 film “Batang Quiapo,” which was headlined by Lovi’s father Fernando Poe Jr., revolves around Manila’s pickpocket kingpin Baldo (FPJ) determined to start a decent life after his time in prison when he met a female thief named Maria (Maricel Soriano) asking him to take her as an apprentice.

We don’t know yet how faithful the TV adaptation will be to the original story. But based on the uploaded clips, the main characters will engage in cute bickering, with Lovi seemingly annoyed by Coco’s ‘makulit’ personality.

Batang Quiapo Lovi Coco

Another behind-the-scenes video shows them playing a version of outdoor billiards (the one using improvised discs instead of real billiard balls) in an urban neighborhood. Coco is seen teaching Lovi proper techniques.



The first-time tandem was undeniably friendly toward the onlookers. That wasn’t easy considering the outdoor heat, and the pressure, especially on Coco’s part as he takes on dual duties as the main actor and director. But the crowd was cheerful and fans are eagerly waiting for the show’s premiere, all the more reasons for Coco and Lovi to be hard at work. 



Yesterday, January 25, was Lovi’s first taping day while Coco got the ball rolling last January 9, coinciding with the actual celebration of the Feast of the Black Nazarene, which Quiapo is known for.

Watch out for “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo” this 2023!