Batang Quiapo Feb 12 to Feb 16 Review

It was indeed a nakakagigil week (February 12 to February 16) for the viewers of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo we found ourselves completely irritated by the arrogance of Rigor (John Estrada) and David (McCoy de Leon), as well as with how Marites (Cherry Pie Picache) continues to ignore Tindeng’s (Charo Santos) claims that her husband has been cheating on her.

Upon learning that Ramon (Christopher de Leon) ordered his minions to go to Quiapo to look for Monique/Mokang (Lovi Poe) and her alleged paramour – referring to Tanggol (Coco Martin), Olga (Irma Adlawan) advised David to go home for the meantime in order to prevent Severino (Dindo Arroyo) from spilling to Ramon whatever information he might glean that could ruin their plans.

After catching Rigor and his other woman Lena (Mercedes Cabral) kissing, Tindeng  immediately relayed it to her daughter Marites, who refused to believe her. An intense altercation among them ensued, with Rigor resorting to hurt her in an attempt to stop her. This made Tindeng more furious at him and decided to report what he did to his superior Col. Suarez (King Gutierrez), who opted to believe Rigor’s lies.

However, she can only file a complaint against him for assault, while it’s only Marites who can charge him with adultery, which Marites refused to do since she did not want to add fuel to the fire. Besides, she doesn’t have any evidence to prove Tindeng’s allegations. The old woman went home disappointed towards her daughter for once again falling for her husband’s dishonesties. She’d become angrier at Rigor for fooling Marites anew.

An intense altercation then ensued between Tindeng and Rigor as the former displayed how unshakeable she was despite his threats and him aiming his gun at her after she pulled out her balisong. But she instantly flinched when he pulled the trigger and shot the utensils kept in the kitchen rack.

In spite of what happened, Tindeng is still firm with her decision not to leave the Dimaguiba residence in order to ensure the safety of her unica hija while still living with Rigor under one roof. She’s more willing to endure her son-in-law’s wickedness and disrespect than to abandon Marites. In the other room, Marites and Rigor also had a heated confrontation regarding what happened. She expressed her exasperation towards him, while he made her choose between him and her mother, which appalled Marites.

Meanwhile in the correctional, Tanggol couldn’t help but resent his family for never visiting him nor checking on him. This adds up to the grief that he still feels due to Mokang’s tragic demise, which has also taken away his will and purpose to live. Thus, he’s now more determined to emancipate himself from prison and look for Mokang’s husband, who he assumed killed her.

Sensing that Bong’s (Vandolph Quizon) group is brewing something wicked in the upcoming prison week, Celso (Soliman Cruz) offered Tanggol and his friends the weapons they could use in fighting the Batang Divisorias just in case something comes up. But Tanggol declined it, saying that they can fend for themselves. Unbeknown to them, the enemies were able to steal guns from the jail officers’ armory.

While their family was already in chaos, Santino (Ronwaldo Martin) was in a happy and kilig state with his apple of the eye, Annika (Dexie Diaz). After his boxing match with Lawrence which he won, Annika invited him to go with her and her best friend Phoebe (Thamara Alexandria) to their house for her birthday celebration. Fortunately, he went with her as he was able to take back Annika’s bag from the snatcher who stole it while they were aboard a jeepney and even had him knocked out.

Unbeknown to Annika, fantastic surprises awaited her as her family and friends prepared a small party for her, while her parents gifted her with a brand-new car. As Annika’s family appears to be well-off, Santino obviously felt inferior as he observed them, more so when her parents seemed to belittle him upon finding out that he’s a janitor in the boxing gym.

After managing to escape from the authorities prior to their hearing, Edwin (Ping Medina) decided to visit his parents to check on them and to formally bid farewell to them as well just in case something bad will happen to him. Several members of the Batang Tondo gang accompanied him to make sure that he and their group are going to be safe.

Little he did know that his father Marcing (Pen Medina) was already assaulted by Severino, who suddenly arrived at their house and looked for Monique. Displeased by his response as the old man also didn’t know where his daughter is, Severino mercilessly threw punches at him before departing with his two minions. He decided to just look for answers himself by asking around in their neighborhood.

He came across a group of men getting drunk along one of the alleys and joined them in an attempt to get their favor. And his technique was indeed effective for he was able to collect significant information from them and discovered that the Tanggol they know in the mansion is actually David, since the original one, who took Monique away, is still in jail.

Upon learning from that same group of men that someone was looking for him and they revealed to the stranger his real identity, David got vehemently mad and quickly contacted Olga. But instead of helping him, Olga opted to let him decide and resolve the trouble on his own.

Severino was able to catch David and dialed the number of Ramon in order to tell him what he just discovered about him. David attempted to bribe him, but Severino, of course, declined because aside from the fact that his loyalty to Ramon is priceless, he also found it ridiculous that David would pay him using the money that is not his.

Meanwhile, Augustus’ (Julio Diaz) henchmen spotted Lucio (Ronnie Lazaro) wandering in the streets of Quiapo while he was on his way to Yolly’s (Debora Sun) wake. Primo (Lito Lapid), Amanda (Lorna Tolentino), and their friends were also there to extend their condolences.


Rave reactions from gigil na gigil netizens

With everything that happened in the previous week (February 12 to February 16) of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, viewers’ gigil apparently got reignited again, particularly towards Rigor, David, and Marites. While it was already expected for Rigor and David because of their annoying behaviors, it seemed that netizens already had enough of Marites foolishness as she kept on choosing her philandering and gaslighting husband rather than Tindeng and Noy (Lou Veloso), who want nothing but to save her from the pain and harm that Rigor could inflict on her.

At the same time, many felt sorry for Tindeng and Noy for having to go through a series of predicaments in their pursuit of exposing Rigor and making Marites realize that she’s already being fooled by her husband. Thus, there were netizens who wish for them to move out and even jestingly solicited money from fellow avid FPJ’s Batang Quiapo viewers that Tindeng and Noy could use to pay the rent.

With how the father-and-son tandem of Rigor and David were able to revive our frustration towards them, there’s definitely no doubt that John Estrada and McCoy de Leon once again delivered totally compelling performances. The same with Cherry Pie and Charo, who got us really affected with their decisions and actions, especially in the previous week’s episodes.

As netizens wish for Severino to be able to relay the information he gleaned about the truth behind the identity of David, a.k.a. “Fake Tanggol”, it seems that it will not happen anymore based on the trailer of the new chapter of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, which was shown at the end of last Friday’s episode and immediately trended on X (formerly Twitter).

Here are some of the rave tweets from netizens that we spotted on the said social media platform:



Will David and Olga continue to fool Ramon and Don Julio (Tommy Abuel)? Will Marites finally realize and see for herself that Rigor has been cheating on her all along? Will Tanggol and his allies really defeated Bong and the Batang Divisoria gang? Let’s all find out in the exciting next episodes!