4 shocking deaths FPJ’s Batang Quiapo

Our weeknights have indeed gone more exciting ever since FPJ’s Batang Quiapo premiered on February 13, 2023 – and that’s primarily because of the riveting action-packed scenes that it offers, which consist of gunfights, fisticuffs, and road chases. And in those scenes, it is really inevitable that there would be no casualties. 

While it’s common for goons to be killed, it is a totally different story when it’s someone who plays a significant role in the narrative. As the series marks its first anniversary, let us revisit the horrible deaths of four of its noteworthy characters in this feature!

Greg Montenegro (RK Bagatsing)


Let’s begin with the first one to bid farewell, which was Greg, the cherished son of Olga (Irma Adlawan) and the scion of the Montenegro family. As he was expected to inherit and manage their drug business someday, he was given by his grandpa Don Julio (Tommy Abuel) and Uncle Ramon (Christopher de Leon) a difficult mission as part of his training. 

However, his mission of tracking down the group who took away the briefcase containing their imported high-grade drugs, which happened to be Tanggol (Coco Martin) and his friends, was also the one that claimed his life. Upon learning that he and his henchmen threatened the lives of his family, Tanggol mercilessly killed him during an intense encounter in Quiapo by shooting him multiple times. 

Greg tried to beg for his life until his last breath, but Tanggol was too mad to spare him. 

Yolly (Deborah Sun)

Next is Yolly, played by former sexy actress Deborah Sun. She is the estranged partner of Lucio (Ronnie Lazaro), to whom he and his friends Primo (Lito Lapid), Berting (Joey Marquez), and Turko (Benzon Dalina) sought refuge after they were able to escape the ambush ordered by Augustus (Julio Diaz). Despite the terrible past that she and Lucio had, she still took them into her apartment and helped them in any way she could since she treasured the friendship she had with Primo. 

However, just when she and Lucio were already able to rekindle their romance and were looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together, Yolly got fatally shot during their group’s encounter with Augustus’ minions. As Primo refused to take her to the hospital to avoid the authorities, Lucio vehemently drove their van and took her to a veterinary clinic, asking for help from the helpless veterinarian and his staff. 

Unfortunately, the shot was too fatal and she already lost a lot of blood, which led to her heartbreaking demise. 

Marcelo (Alex Medina)

More than being belittled by her adoptive family and wanting to take hold of their wealth, there is definitely more to Olga’s wrath than meets the eye. It was revealed that it was not only once that Don Julio meddled with her romantic affair, but twice. He found out that her second beau Marcelo (Alex Medina) was a swindler, which she didn’t initially believe since she knew that he only wanted to break them apart. 

However, she was able to confirm Don Julio’s allegations after personally speaking with his other victims, whom he lured and wooed before extorting money from them. Despite Marcelo’s pleas and profession of genuine love for her, she refused to believe her and hesitantly heeded her father’s order to shoot him herself. Marcelo fell off the boat, where he was held captive by Don Julio, and plunged to his death in the river.

Mokang (Lovi Poe)

Sealing off this list is Mokang, whose demise completely shocked avid viewers since Lovi Poe was part of the main cast as the leading lady of Coco Martin. After being reunited with Tanggol, she apparently promised herself to finally follow her heart and happiness by running away with him after he and Bubbles (Ivana Alawi) were able to rescue her from the mansion.

After being the damsel in distress whom Tanggol used to always save, Mokang took her turn being the heroine as she sacrificed herself for Tanggol. It happened when she caught Olga aiming her gun at Tanggol and quickly ran towards him while he was exchanging shots with Ramon and Don Julio’s henchmen. She was shot in the head, which caused her immediate death. 

Which of these deaths stunned you the most, Kapamilya?

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