At Home With Banana Sundae: BananaKada explores funny yet relatable ‘new normal’ fails

‘New Normal’ with a funny twist is this week’s flavor of “At Home with Banana Sundae” on Online Kapamilya Shows (OKS). Here’s another serving of good vibes and timely gags for lighthearted feels at home!  

The show kicks off with a less sexy but more hilarious parody of OKS’ “Paligayahin Niyo Ako,” which the BananaKada played into “Patawanin Niyo Ako.” Ritz Azul spearheads the segment a la Ivana Alawi while Jayson Gainza, Ryan Bang, and Wacky Kiray outdo each other with their comic skills. Instead of searching for a prince charming, Ritz would determine who is the funniest of them all. 

The challengers display their own brand of comedy. Ryan uses his trademark tongue twister antics as weapon. Jayson throws a naughty joke at the end while Wacky inserts character changes. At the end of the comedic battle, Ritz gives 1 ‘tawa’ point to Jason, 2 ‘tawa’ points to Ryan, and Wacky wins with three ‘tawa’ points.

In the next sketch, Jayson is a netizen fighting the stay-at-home boredom by watching videos of a sexy vlogger played by Aiko Climaco. Unluckily, technical problems and poor signal spoil his fun. The internet connection finally speeds up just in time when Pooh takes the spotlight from Aiko.  

Served on top is a timely material about the remote working model in this new normal. Wacky dons the character of a strict restaurant manager while John Prats, Jayson, and Pooh act as the employees. The segment explores funny yet relatable work-from-home failed scenarios, like Jayson’s delayed reactions due to slow internet connection. Assuming that the meeting has ended, Jayson changed his clothes without turning off the cameras, sending his co-stars into boisterous laughter.