BananaKada brings us “Cooking Inamoy” and “Audition Tapes” in At Home With Banana Sundae

“At Home with Banana Sundae” just keeps on getting sweeter every week! Its third episode streamed via OKS (Online Kapamilya Shows) opens with a timely joke inspired by relatable community quarantine scenario. More of these are served all throughout the show in-between major segments like “Cooking Inamoy” with Pokwang and “Audition Tapes” by John Prats, Ryan Bang, Ritz Azul, and Jayson Gainza.

Pokwang attempts to maximize the widely distributed canned sardines with a ginisang sardinas tutorial in “Cooking Inamoy.” The segment appears like a legit dish demonstration given Pokwang’s publicized kitchen expertise. Until, the laughter begins cracking when she raids the entire house in search of the can opener which, apparently, is just hidden inside her apron pockets. Pokwang has to cut the segment short after wasting airtime on her silly mistake. 

In the next gag titled “Audition Tapes,” John gets into the character of Direk Carlo J. Caprats who is looking for the star of his next project. Each applicant is required to act like an ordinary recipient of food packs from the barangay. The first to audition is Ryan as Bang Bean, who gets hysterical upon receiving tubs of kimchi after three months of starvation. Ritz dons the character of Angelina Ong, then, displays her acting skills peppered with funny ayuda hugots. Jayson appears next as Neneng Sukladito, the one who bags the role after an intense acting audition, and almost falling down the stairs. But, of course, the segment is drizzled with a hilarious twist in the end. 

“Bring Mo” serves as this week’s cherry on top, with John’s Team Banana and Pokwang’s Team Sundae competing in a virtual ‘bring me’ game. At the end of five rounds, Team Banana wins while the losing Team Sundae wets their head as punishment.

Catch the next fun servings of “At Home with Banana Sundae” every Friday at 7PM on OKS.abs-cbn.com