At Home with Banana Sundae: Bananakada serves new fun segments Kantaranta, Online Exorcist and SOQO

There is an online exorcism that was caused by “TokTok”. Tune in to the newest lockdown songs on “Kantaranta”. Catch the culprit who violated a breakfast sandwich on “SOQO: Scene of the Quarantine Operative”. This episode of “At Home with Banana Sundae“ has more laughs for Kapamilyas!

Pooh, Pokwang, and Wacky Kiray were all eating together when Wacky Kiray was suddenly possessed by a ghost. Jobert the Priest quickly joined the family to exorcise the paranormal entity. After being spat on by the Priest, Wacky Kiray eventually calmed down. Although, the ghost only moved on to take over Pokwang. Once she was freed, the same thing happened to Pooh. In the end, the Priest became possessed too. This was all because of their obsession with the social media app “TokTok”.

From horror stories to love songs, DJ Burado (John Prats) introduced the hottest hits about the community quarantine on “Kantaranta”. Guests singers Jon Bon Jovit (Jobert Austria) and Axel Roses Are Red (Jason Gainza) performed “Ayuda, I’m waiting” which is about widows and relief goods. There is also the rap “Ni-lockdown ni Mister” and the emotional reggae piece “Huling Delata”. If you want to hear more from Jon Bon Jovit and Axel Roses Are Red, then catch them on Spotifyfyfy, iTuners, and on their internet mall shows.

Lastly, it was time to solve the mystery of the missing sandwich on “SOQO: Scene of the Quarantine Operative”. Jayson Gainza made a sandwich for his breakfast but it was already bitten by morning. There is a lipstick mark on the bite, which means it was done an adult who wears a lipstick. So, the primary suspect was his wife. Later in a phone call, Ritz Azul explained that Jason’s sandwich is already in the oven, ready to be heated. The one in the fridge is actually already spoiled and should not be eaten.

Which skit in this episode of At Home with Banana Sundae is your favorite?