At Home with Banana Sundae:  BananaKada treats viewers with second serving of home-produced gags!

There’s no stopping the BananaKada from tickling our funny bones! Via the newly launched digital platform Online Kapamilya Shows (OKS), the bunch offers us with another home-produced episode of “At Home Banana with Sundae” stuffed with hilarious gags including the parody of ABS-CBN’s flagship newscast “TV Patrol.”

Jayson Gainza donned the character of Kabahay Noli and opened ‘Bahay Patrol’ with hilarious news stories reflective of current social events. Wacky Kiray as Yaya Gretch Palito spoofed the programs’ entertainment segment they called as ‘Tsismo…Tsismis Mismo!’ while Pooh hosted the ‘Matandang Balita’ segment as Lola Koring Santos. The latter demonstrated how to create a DIY face mask using handkerchief and two pieces rubber band but, of course, with a quirky twist at the end. Meanwhile, John Prats impersonated Kim Atienza in the weather report titled ‘Hulang Panahon’ plus, his wife Isabel Oli made a cameo appearance!

Angelica Panganiban kept the humor sweet as she hosted ‘May Hugot Story’ where she read the entry of a fictional letter sender named Mrs. Ayuda. Joining her on the segment was Jobert Austria acting out Angelica’s narration. Angelica exaggerated the scenes in Mrs. Ayuda’s story, pushing Jobert to perform kooky acts such as tasting dog food and pulling out his nose hair.  

Also included in this week’s serving are gags inspired by real social events amid the community quarantine presented by the other mainstays Pokwang Ritz Azul, Ryan Bang, Aiko Climaco, Jhen Maloles, and Badji Mortiz. 

Sprinkled on top is the BananaKada’s trademark game between Team Banana and Team Sundae. John and Angelica served as torchbearers of the two groups, respectively. The usual ‘Ano Bato Pick’ took a break this episode as they opted for a virtual ‘Bring Me’ game. At the end of four rounds, Team Sundae won while Team Banana had to pour a glass of water over their head as punishment.  

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