PAANDAR 2017: Best of ‘Banana Sundae’ Spoofs

PAANDAR 2017 Best of Banana Sundae Spoofs 1

2017 has truly been another fun year for our Bananakada. A big part of what makes “Banana Sundae” so funny is certainly their spoofs and gags at just about anything currently trending. Before the year ends, as part of Paandar 2017, let’s take a look at some of the most hilarious spoofs they made this year.

FDJ's Afro-binsyano

The Bananakada created their own version of the primetime action-drama series “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano,” entitled “FDJ’s Afro-Probinsyano.” The gang took the gunfights and action scenes of the series to the extreme making us laugh out loud.

Bananakada spoofs viral video

Viral videos are definitely all the rage nowadays, from singing babies to cute dogs, just about anything can get popular on the internet these days. Watch how the Bananakada tried to copy and make their own viral video.​

Bananakada spoofs Miss Universe

The Miss Universe pageant is always a big deal here in the Philippines. Watch how our wacky Bananakada put their own spin of the competition, poking fun at Steve Harvey and the often hard to pronounce countries in the pageant.
Cabin crew went viral

Another viral video makes it to our list! This particular video features a cabin crew inside a plane. What makes the viral spoof so interesting is the surprise in store not only for the viewers but for the lady making the video herself.

Tivee Patrol

This particular spoof features Jayson Gainza and Jobert Austria fighting over a vehicular accident in the police station. The two gets you laughing on the floor within the first few lines they speak. This is probably one of the most absurd spoofs in the show reenacting a motorcycle incident with imaginary bikes.

Airport Incident

Incidents at the airport are rarely funny, unless of course it involves the Bananakada. In this spoof, Jobert and Sunshine reenact an incident where an airplane customer claimed that an airport personnel stole some money from her and hid it in his sock. When Sunshine got to inspect the contents of the sock, everyone roared with laughter at the discovery.