10 Funniest Moments of Birthday Girl and Hugot Queen Angelica Panganiban

Over the years, Angelica Panganiban has proven that she is definitely one of the country’s best and most versatile actresses. She has been awarded for her notable performances in both drama and comedy. Today, as we celebrate the birthday of the country’s Hugot Queen, let us look back at some of her funniest moments on the Sunday comedy gag show “Banana Sundae”.

Angelica became Grace Pong as she played “Game ng Bayan” with the other presidentiables.

The Hugot Queen had a controversial reaction when she was asked about her viral hugot video.

She had another hugot response when she was informed of the unfavorable results of the “Binibining Hugot” contest.

Angelica became Ateng Winnie in the parody segment called “Umagang Kay Aga” where she had struggles cooking her chicken adobo.

She also became Dr. Ruby and gave her tips on how to control the addiction to the mobile game “Pekemon Go” during a counseling session.

Dr. Ruby also shared some techniques regarding anger management.

In the segment “Dear Angge”, she gave some suggestions on how to get the attention of your teacher.

She also gave some tips and pieces of advice to solve the problems of Boy Hagod.

The Hugot Queen suddenly became emotional after saying her hugot line at Hugot Island.

Angge received a group hug from the other cast members after delivering her heartfelt hugot lines in the segment “Hugot Angge”.

Catch more funny moments of Angelica in “Banana Sundae”, Sundays after “ASAP” only on ABS-CBN Yes Weekend!