WATCH: Bagong Umaga stars reveal quarantine takeaways, lessons from pandemic

In the first-ever “Bagong Umaga Barkada Access Live, ” lead cast members of the series that include Tony Labrusca, Kiko Estrada, Heaven Peralejo, Barbie Imperial, and Michelle Vito appeared to share their takeaways from continuing quarantine and disclose how they relate to their onscreen characters.

Heaven said she learned that there’s good in every evil that happens around us. She explained that the quarantine due to COVID-19 menace still led to something good for her. She said she was able to discover more things about herself, like having new hobbies. Aside from that, she was also able to spend more time with her family.

Meanwhile, Michelle shared that she was able to appreciate the little things in life more and the things she has in life. Barbie, on the other hand, said that she learned how to balance her time for work and for family. She added that before, she would give most of her time to her work, but since the pandemic started, she learned how to give importance to the time she spends with her family. For Tony, it’s gratitude that he learned from the pandemic. He realized that health is really wealth and that he needed to take care of himself and of his family more.

They also shared the differences and similarities between themselves and the characters they portray in the series. Heaven said that there are actually more similarities than differences between her and Tisay. For instance, she always considers her family in every decision that she chooses. When it comes to Kiko and his character Otep, he said that one similarity is his being a mama’s boy and one difference is that in real life, he can’t do the things that Otep did which got other people in a bad situation. For Barbie, she and her character Cai have actually more differences than similarities. Unlike Cai, Barbie doesn’t really cry during bad situations and most of the time, she doesn’t show people that she gets weak. Also, Barbie is very close to her mom unlike Cai. Lastly, she doesn’t get to a point where she needs to pull other people down just so she can get what she wants. Meanwhile, Tony shared that he sometimes finds his character Ely “corny.” But he admires his love for his family and friends. Lastly, Michelle shared that her similarity with Angge is their love for their family and friends.

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