Viewers react to fearless confrontations, kilig moments, & more trending scenes in Bagong Umaga

The villains’ game plan added more layers of conflict, forcing Tisay (Heaven Peralejo) to toughen up and crush her enemy, Cai (Barbie Imperial). It also smelled like LQ (lovers’ quarrel) between Tisay and Ely (Tony Labrusca). With all the drama and intense hullaballoo, viewers of Bagong Umaga are completely engrossed, and here’s what they have to say about the happenings on the beloved barkadaserye.

The recent week highlights the six key players’ emotional struggles as they continue to pick up the pieces, moving forward from Diana (Glydel Mercado)’s earth-shattering revelations. At one point, Ely was blinded by the anguish that he didn’t see clearly why Tisay and the group had to reconnect with Otep (Kiko Estrada) and ask for his help to detect the culprit behind Tisay’s fake photo scandal. The misunderstandings led up to an argument. 

Viewers can’t blame Ely, noting the chemistry between Tisay and Otep in a scene. One commented, “Tisay, huwag kang magpapadala sa titig niyan!” Ely would elicit empathy from the netizens, who have faith in his love for Tisay. They would associate his jealousy with filial distress and his doubt towards Otep. A fan related, “Masakit mabalewala,” while watching Ely deliver his piece.

Driven by envy, Cai connived with Diana in an attempt to destroy Tisay’s reputation. However, Ely’s group managed to seize the hacker who leaked Tisay’s fake photos and they discovered that it was all Cai’s idea. The viewers knew Cai’s dirty tactics won’t cut it. A netizen said, “Kahit anong gawin mo hindi mo masisira si Tisay. Sarili mo lang ang sinisira mo.”

The most nail-biting scene would have to be Tisay marching off to Cai’s hotel room to give the latter a taste of her wrath. The squabble would take off from a scathing exchange. Cai inculpated her rival for all her miseries, prompting one viewer to comment, “Cai always blames everyone except herself.”

The ever-‘palaban’ Tisay took the female clash up a notch. She declared that she’s had enough of the selfish, childish drama. Tisay slapped her enemy back, grabbed Cai in the arm, and shoved her into a wall. Everyone was rooting for the fearless Tisay. Although they would feel for Cai’s misery, they would maintain the rule of humility and compassion, saying Cai’s heartaches will not justify her choice of actions.

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