Trending, heated face-offs of Cai and Tisay in Bagong Umaga

Aside from the inspiring stories of friendship and family and the kilig tales of love featured in the well-loved afternoon soap opera Bagong Umaga, what adds color to its delighting and exciting narrative are the intense encounters among its characters, such as Tisay and Cai, impressively played by Heaven Peralejo and Barbie Imperial, respectively.

As the series approaches its “Tagos Sa Pusong Pagtatapos” this week, let us take a look back on 10 of the most trending and rousing confrontations of the two equally beautiful and fierce young women in this Kapamilya Toplist feature!

In every barkadahan, it’s indeed inevitable to have misunderstandings and quarrels, just like what happened to Tisay and Cai. It all began when Cai found out about Ely’s romantic affair with Tisay, which made her really jealous since Cai loved him so much. While Ely only see her as his best friend, Cai fell in love with him and wished to bring their friendship to the next level. Thus, upon discovering their relationship, the rage in Cai’s heart and mind grew, especially when he told her that it’s already impossible for them to go back to how they used to be.

Apart from taking away the only person who she thought cared for her, Cai also saw Tisay as a huge hindrance for her to finally win the genuine affection and appreciation she had been trying to gain from her parents Ian (Cris Villanueva) and Maggie (Sunshine Cruz). This was after it was confirmed that they were intentionally switched at birth by the vengeful Diana (Glydel Mercado)

This bittersweet truth made her grow madder against her, so Cai executed her wicked plans against Tisay by tainting her reputation, such as spreading fake malicious photos of her on social media that truly put her to shame. A series of heated arguments and physical altercations erupted between them, especially when they were compelled to live under one roof – from Cai eating her favorite imported ice cream despite their financial woes to Cai doing wicked things in her continuous attempt to tear Tisay and Ely apart. Since they had not gotten to live with Cai for a long time, Jose (Keempee De Leon) and Monica (Nikki Valdez) always asked Tisay to be more patient with Cai, which made Tisay more aloof and annoyed towards her.

But everything went more complicated when Tisay alleged Cai of connivig with Diana in exacting revenge against Ian by turning him the culprit in the tragic death of Ely’s late younger brother Gab (Ali Abinal). Cai consistently denied her involvement until Tisay was able to finally figure it out through her own investigation.

They may not be able to fix whatever rift they had before Cai’s mysterious demise, but Tisay is doing everything to make the real killer pay. Will they be able to finally get the justice they are seeking for Cai?

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