The cast of Bagong Umaga looks forward to dressing up for this year’s Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, so the young stars of Bagong Umaga reveal their dream costumes for this year. Because, maybe, they can play dress up for the event and go on a virtual party since just the thought of large physical gatherings still creates the biggest scare.

Since Halloween costumes are supposed to mimic all things cute and spooky, characters from the black comedy “The Addams Family” give off a true Halloween spirit. Michelle Vito said she’d like to dress up as someone from this classic.

Kiko Estrada’s get-up of yesteryear was inspired by the supervillain, the Joker, with downright creepy makeup. He was unrecognizable! This 2020, Kiko wishes to pay homage to Joker’s adversary, Batman.

Halloween vibes wouldn’t be complete without the traditional jack-o’-lantern displays. The legend of the carved pumpkins dating back 18th century involves an eerie tale of a drunkard named “Stingy Jack” who asked the devil to have a drink with them. These orange decors are a big part of the celebration, which is why Heaven Peralejo would like to take on a carved pumpkin for this year’s event.

The occasion can likewise be the perfect excuse to take on a new identity for a night. Tony Labrusca would like to transform into an anime hero while Barbie Imperial would definitely kill it as a Netflix character. 

Yves Flores has never experienced wearing a costume as he doesn’t attend Halloween parties. But if given a chance, he’d like to join in the fun as an extraterrestrial creature.

Before Halloween officially comes, these Kapamilya artists bring us afternoon delight as the newest barkada to love in the coming-of-age series, Bagong Umaga. It airs on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z Channel 11.

Bagong Umaga follows the story of a six-piece barkada connected by friendship, lies, envy, and anger. Tisay (Heaven Peralejo) grows up with her loving parents and adoptive brother, Dodong (Yves Flores), and best friend, Angge (Michelle Vito).

The ambitious Ely (Tony Labrusca) will fall for her. But his best friend, Cai (Barbie Imperial), secretly in love with him, will get in the way by using Dodong. Adding a layer of conflict, Otep (Kiko) will enter the barkada and get closer with Tisay for his own vengeful plans.