Susuko O Lalaban Challenge: Heaven reveals love advice from mom, tackles relationship dilemmas

Heaven Peralejo played a bright and badass budding journalist, Tisay Magbanua, in Bagong Umaga which aired it’s finale episode on April 30. It turns out she’s as smart and tough in real life. In this challenge called “Susuko o Lalaban,” the young actress shares her honest takes on different love scenarios.

Talking from experience, Heaven said being controlled is a major red flag, thus ‘susuko.’ The next situation is about not seeing positive changes and growth in a partner. Heaven thought she’d hold on as much as she could, “Ilalaban mo muna. Hindi mo siya iiwan. Kasi naniniwala ako na through thick and thin naman ‘di ba? You need to have patience.” However, if nothing really happens, she knows she’d grow tired of trying, forcing her to let go.

Here’s another common relationship dilemma- lack of time. Heaven smiled and tried to understand the scenario. She isn’t the type to give up easily on the person she loves, thus she’d stay and try to widen her perspective. She would gauge if his reasons are valid like if he’s busy with work and family time, “hanggang sa mapagod na lang din ako at ma-realize na mali na rin ‘to.”

On a relationship disapproved by many, Heaven said she’d examine the situation based on the ‘who’ and ‘why.’ But, at the end of the day, what matters is how the couple feels about each other. “Of course, ilalaban mo, hoping one day makita ng mga tao na ‘yun ‘yung love ninyo for each other. Ako, ilalaban ko kasi mahal ko, eh. Hindi naman nila gets ‘yung connection that you guys have and you can’t explain it to everybody.”

If you think your partner is no longer good enough for you, Heaven’s opinion is that it’d be better to let go. “If it’s not going anywhere, you don’t want to waste that person’s time and my time also. You don’t want to be selfish,” she explained.

The next situation is about another common relationship issue – broken promises. If that happens, Heaven would definitely raise the white flag, saying it takes maturity to keep your words.

Meanwhile, about telling lies, Heaven stressed that no one is perfect. So, it depends on the magnitude of the lie and how often it happens. She can give the other person a chance if it only happened once or twice, and if he learned his lesson. It’s also where forgiveness comes in.

She also gave her opinion about an unhappy relationship. Heaven shared that her mom often tells her love is not all happiness, “It’s a choice. It’s a choice na magmahal and it’s a choice to let go. So, makikita mo, you have to have that foundation for you guys to fight for each other. So, kung wala kayong strong foundation, mahirap ilaban ‘yan.”

Heaven revealed one of the best love wisdom she got from her mother. “Sabi niya, ‘Kami ng Daddy mo, we have a strong foundation. I know we love each other even through the bad times. I hope you find that someone na even through the hard times, hindi ka niya i-le-let go, ipaglalaban ka niya at gagawin niya ang lahat para maging masaya ulit ang relasyon.’”

Heaven believes love can be restored, as long as both parties are willing to work for it. Check out more of her ‘hugots’ in this video.