Bagong Umaga Barkada Access: Sunshine Cruz, Nikki Valdez guess millennial, Gen Z terms in fun challenge

Well-loved barkadaseryes Bagong Umaga is down to its last week and every episode gets more intense and thrilling each day as the story continues to unfold, especially after the death of Barbie Imperial’s character Cai. While this ensued to more complicated turn of events in the story, it caused distraught to her two moms Monica and Maggie, impeccably played by Nikki Valdez and Sunshine Cruz respectively.

As the happenings off-cam have become more stirring and riveting, the two actresses took a time off and enthusiastically accepted the fun game prepared for them in this latest episode of Bagong Umaga Barkada Access – the “Guess That Slang Word” Challenge.

In this game, they’re asked to explain the meaning of the slang terms usually used by millennials and Gen Zs. As Nikki won their “bato-bato-pik”, she was the first one to pick a word from the bowl, which turned out to be “on fleek”. She was able to got it correctly and even used it in a sentence.

When it was her turn, Sunshine got “SKRT”, to which both of them did not have any idea what it really means. One of the staff explained that it is a “word used to describe the sound tires make when you stop unexpectedly and a synonym for ‘stop’ in a conversation” and added, “If a friend is gossiping and you don’t want them to revisit a part of the story, you will say ‘skrt’.” Sunshine shared that she actually hasn’t heard it from her daughters yet, that’s why she is unfamiliar with it.

Nikki then got the meaning of the word “woke” correctly, saying that it’s usually used as “pa-woke” and to describe someone who is a know-it-all. Besides, some of her bashers also regarded her as that, so she’s very much acquainted with it. Sunshine also knew it, sharing that “woke” people are the ones who feel like they know a lot or they know everything.

In her second term, Sunshine was finally able to define the word she got, which was “tea.” She said that it’s from the idiom “spill the tea” which means “reveal the gossip.”

The two actresses failed to correctly answer the next three slangs, namely, “bye, felicia” (used for dismissing someone), “kiki” (party or festive gathering), and “no cap” (used to emphasize a statement with no lie).

On her final attempt, Sunshine was able to accurately define “receipts”, which means “proof”. The last word was picked by Nikki, which was “TBH” (or “to be honest”). She was able to accurately explain it since her daughter Olivia has been using it.

At the end of the challenge, Nikki got three points while Sunshine got two, so it was her who had to do the consequence – which was an impromptu sing and dance number. She willingly heeded to it by belting out “I Will Survive” and busting some moves, and pulled Nikki to join her.

Click on this video to see everything that happened in this fun and exciting episode of Bagong Umaga Barkada Access!

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