Nikki Valdez shares secrets of ageless beauty on Kapamilya Confessions

The newest drama Bagong Umaga has finally premiered on Monday, October 26, and it was definitely a successful pilot episode. One of the cast members, Nikki Valdez, sat on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s Kapamilya Confessions to share her experiences in being part of the series, as well as her personal realizations and experiences during the community quarantine.

But before responding to the questions sent in by the netizens, she took on first the “First and Last Challenge”. Her first ever television appearance was during one of the episodes of the initial airing of Ipaglaban Mo in the 90s wherein she got to work with John Lapus. Meanwhile, her first celebrity partner, as far as she could remember, was former actor Miggy Tanchanco who was one of her batchmates in Star Circle Batch 4.

Her first-ever embarrassing moment happened in her high school days when she went out of tune during her performance in a school contest. Nevertheless, Nikki still won in that contest. Lastly, she shared that the first thing she notices on someone is his/her eyes.

Moving on to her ‘lasts’, Nikki shared that her last Instagram post was about overcoming the storms in life and spreading positivity. Meanwhile, the last time she cried was last week when one of her kittens passed away. The last person/s she was thinking of was her family – her husband and her daughter, while the last text message she sent was “Congratulations” which she sent to her Bagong Umaga co-actors for a good pilot airing.

As for her experiences in working for Bagong Umaga, Nikki first shared her new discoveries with the role she portrays. She related that every time she has a new role, she never fails to encounter new realizations and with regards to her role as Monica Magbanua, she found out that she has a good heart and a strong and ‘palaban’ personality at the same time when it comes to protecting her children and family.

The Kapamily actress also shared that although lock-in tapings are not new to her anymore since they also did it in A Soldier’s Heart, it still challenges her every time she’s away with her family and with how she has to constantly do extra efforts in taking care of herself. Adding to that are the fast-paced tapings since they have to finish within 12 hours. In terms of socializing and basically working with her co-artists, Nikki said it’s not hard at all as they’re able to build good relationship with one another.

When asked what is her secret in looking young and fresh, Nikki answered that if you have peace within yourself and you are content with your life, then your life becomes longer and happier. Another secret to looking young is taking care of yourself, which includes eating the right amount and kind of food, exercising regularly, having enough sleep, and creating a skin care routine.

As to how she copes with the new normal, it’s more on boosting her immune system more by taking her supplements, eating the right kind of food, and keeping in mind always that the virus is still present. Besides, she was also able to cut or trim her own hair just like what she does to her mother and husband.

When asked if she would change some things about her life when she’s got the opportunity to foresee that there’s a bad thing going to happen, she said that she’ll definitely change some things so that it won’t turn out as bad as how she saw it. But with all the blessings that she and her family have now, she said that there’s nothing else anymore that she could wish for.

One netizen also asked for Nikki’s tips for the students who are under the module-based and online learning. She advised that they should not hesitate to ask their teachers when they don’t understand something. She also shared that she doesn’t actually answer the school works of her daughter as she wants her to practice independence and it’s a very rewarding moment for her to see her cope, thrive, and improve amid the challenging times. Furthermore, she encouraged people who are suffering from depression and anxiety to look forward and not dwell in the past.

During the quarantine, she imparted how amazed she is with how the bayanihan spirit has been present in Filipinos, especially when people come together to support online sellers like herself. But once everything is back to normal, she wishes to visit Baguio again and go hiking or nature-tripping.

When asked about her opinion towards her bashers, she disclosed that there was a point when she got so affected by her bashers. But she advised people who don’t have any value-adding remarks to others to think twice on hurling hateful comments on others.

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