Nikki Valdez makes classic turon recipe more special and cheesy

We all aren’t stranger to the caramelized goodness and comforting taste of ‘turon,’ one of our ultimate childhood desserts. Surprisingly, this old-school comfort food can still be given a yummier twist that’ll make it more special. Bagong Umaga star Nikki Valdez demos how in this episode of Kapamilya Chat!

Turon gets its distinct charm from the combination of sweetness (caramelized sugar), crunchiness (lumpia wrapper), and comfort (the familiar taste of banana). Nikki adds more exciting flavor to this classic meryenda by using cheese.


1. Lay the cut saba banana on the spring roll wrapper.

2. Add the cheese, the kind that melts well.

3. You may also spread butter for added taste. Just spread it over the banana before wrapping them.

4. Make sure to seal the wrapper tight to prevent them from sticking on the pan.

5. Fry, then serve with love, and your favorite dip. Nikki pairs the turon with her homemade tsokolate batirol.

Turon will never be the same again! And kids will surely love the melt-in-the-mouth goodness of cheese. Plus, this meryenda is cheap and easy to prepare.

Nikki’s kitchen expertise isn’t a secret. She’s known for tweaking usual recipes using available ingredients in her pantry. She posted some of these home-cooked meals during the earlier months of quarantine. She loves to cook for the family, all by herself most of the time, but sometimes with the help of mom who’s staying with them since the lockdown.

From the kitchen, Nikki goes back to lock-in location for Bagong Umaga, the newest Kapamilya series shown weekdays, after It’s Showtime on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live and A2Z Channel 11.