Kiko Estrada, Michelle Vito play Never Have I Ever

Two of the lead stars of the newest and most-anticipated drama series Bagong Umaga, Kiko Estrada and Michelle Vito, talked about their experiences in working for their project in this episode of ABS-CBN Entertainment’s Hotspot with DJ Jhai Ho.

They expressed how thankful and grateful they are for the warm reception and for the excitement of the fans for the project. When asked how they felt when they knew that the series isn’t only going to be watched on Kapamilya Channel and Kapamilya Online Live, but also on free television via A2Z Channel 11, Kiko felt like the stars aligned and that it was destined to be that way. “You can never put down the best network,” the actor uttered. Michelle, on the other hand, said that she’s happy because more people can get to watch it, as Bagong Umaga signifies new hope and new opportunities.

As to how they prepare whenever they’re in a loveteam, Kiko disclosed that he always makes sure to know her on-screen partner really well and make her feel comfortable. He added that it’s a give-and-take role when it comes to having a love team. Michelle agreed to that and commented that it can also help if they ask help or suggestions from the directors and staff.

They also shared having similarities with the personalities of their characters. For instance, Kiko, just like his character Otep, will also do everything for his mother who he loves so much and to whom he owes a lot. For Michelle, she also would do everything for her family just like her character Angge, and will always be there for her friends and continue to be strong in life amid the challenges.

When DJ Jhai Ho asked Michelle how she feels that her boyfriend Enzo Pineda gets jealous every time she’s paired with other male celebs, she revealed not actually knowing about it. But what she always does is reassure him that she’s just friends with her love team partners. Meanwhile, Kiko divulged that he did not anymore tell his friend Enzo about it, reiterating that he doesn’t believe in love teams and that it’s just pure work.

They also shared some fun trivia about themselves as they played the Never Have I Ever Challenge. They were first asked if they have ever lied in order to get out of work, and both said yes. Michelle would usually use school stuff as an excuse, while Kiko would usually reason out that he’s sick.

Next, when quizzed if they have ever farted inside an elevator, Kiko confessed that he’s already done that. Both of them also admitted that they have already sent someone a drunk text message, with Kiko even admitted that he has tried ‘drunk-calling’ someone.

When it comes to ‘ghosting’ someone, Michelle said that she hasn't tried doing so, while Kiko did not reveal whether he ghosted someone or not.

Other things that both of them confessed doing are peeing in the pool when they were kids, having an embarrassing moment in a public place, and eating food that fell on the floor. However, their answers got different though when asked if they have ever fallen in love at first sight. Michelle said no because she prefers knowing the person well first, while Kiko said that maybe he has done that but he stopped himself in getting a relationship with that person because he wasn’t ready that time. And lastly, both of them said that they haven’t told someone ‘I love you’ without meaning it.

Catch Michelle and Kiko on the newest drama series Bagong Umaga, which can be watched via Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z Channel 11 beginning on October 26!