Hotspot: Heaven, Tony reveal they are both pet lovers, prefer traditional ways of dating

Two of the lead stars of the newest and most-anticipated drama series Bagong Umaga Tony Labrusca and Heaven Peralejo talked about their experiences while working for their breakthrough teleserye before undergoing a fun compatibility test in this episode of Hotspot with DJ Jhai Ho.

The young actress expressed how grateful and happy she is to be given the chance to portray her role in her biggest project to date. She thinks that there’s more pressure in her part at least because of the current situation, and because of the presence of a great cast, but she added that this is what motivates her to do better. Tony is just as grateful because he is still given a project despite the pandemic.

Tony plays the role of Ely Florentino who’s basically an assertive, mild-mannered guy who sides with justice and someone whose values are always intact. On the other hand, Heaven portrays the role of Tisay Magbanua, a loving daughter, sister, and friend, who will fight for and stand up for those who are important to her.

This is the first time Heaven and Tony would work together in a drama. Heaven admitted that she got starstruck when she first met Tony. She added that Tony seemed really approachable and friendly because he immediately initiated the conversation. And Tony did not deny that he really does that especially to his onscreen partner to build friendship and rapport with her. Meanwhile Tony said that he finds Heaven sweet and bubbly but there’s still more about Heaven that he wants to know.

And because they are currently doing lock-in tapings which means that they don’t get to go back home and be with their families, Tony said it’s really hard. But he appreciates how all the people in the set are very respectful with each other and very understanding of the situation, which truly lightens the load on them.

Heaven and Tony also did a Compatibility Test where they were asked questions with two choices as answers. First they were to choose what they like more - day or night. Tony answered day because he loves the sunrise and he loves doing activities during the daylight, while Heaven answered night because she finds it more chill during that time. Tony and Heaven answered what they like more between cats and dogs, and both of them love the latter more. They both even shared that they’re pet lovers. In fact, they both love bunnies and teacup pigs. In terms of food preferences, Heaven likes coffee more than tea and burger more than pizza, as it’s the opposite for Tony. Tony doesn’t drink coffee and doesn’t find burgers that delicious. Between flowers and chocolates, Heaven said that she would love to receive chocolates more than flowers, but Tony said he would love to give flowers more than chocolates. In fact, he set a fancy date with his close girl friends during Valentine’s Day and gave each one of them blue rose.

When it comes to dates, Tony wants a movie date more than a concert date because he finds the first one more intimate. Heaven on the other hand thinks she will enjoy a concert date more than a movie date. Since we’re talking about romantic dates already, Heaven said that she’d love her date to fetch her and later on bring her home, while Tony agreed that he would also love to do that to his partner or date. Lastly, between reading books and watching movies or TV series, both chose the latter.

Catch Heaven and Tony in this edition of Hotspot with DJ Jhai Ho and take a peek at their wonderful chemistry.

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