Heaven Peralejo “Umaga o Gabi” Challenge

After capturing hearts through her enthralling performance in Bagong Umaga, more projects and blessings will surely find Heaven Peralejo. Get to know the young actress more as she reveals her secrets and gives us a peek into her morning and nighttime routine via “Umaga o Gabi” Challenge.

In this game, Heaven picks the activities she prefers to do in the morning and night. Passionate as she is, Heaven studies the script before bedtime and reviews it again in the next morning. Especially in her role as Tisay in Bagong Umaga, she never slacked off, wanting to prove she’s worth it.

She thinks online shopping is better done in the evening, although she rarely does. “Kuripot ako. Mahilig ako mag-add to cart pero hindi ko agad iche-check out. Iisipin ko muna kung kailangan ko ba ‘to, sayang kasi pera. Kailangan natin mag-ipon,” she said. Binge-watching also falls on her evening habits.

Heaven is under IF (Intermittent Fasting) meaning she’s on a time-restricted eating. She can eat healthy choices for 8 hours, from 2 AM-6 PM, and fast for the remaining 16 hours of the day. So, when asked the best time to eat her comfort food, she answered ‘umaga.’ She eats more than the usual on taping days, though, “’Pag sa taping, kailangan ko kumain kasi nakakapagod umiyak.”

Heaven also likes to exercise in the morning to set the mood and make her feel extra productive. Asked the best time to go out on a date, she answered ‘any time’ as long as her mother permits. “’Pag gusto mo ‘yung tao, hindi ka nabo-bored, eh,” said Heaven.

Family bonding would also be fun any hour of the day. Heaven shared they love to do activities together like playing card games. There was a time when Heaven was so into mobile gaming but she stopped since taping for Bagong Umaga.

Watch Heaven take on the “Umaga o Gabi” Challenge in this video!