Barkada Access Valentine Edition: Michelle Vito and Kiko Estrada take on the “Mystery Shots Challenge”

Bagong Umaga stars Michelle Vito and Kiko Estrada kickstarted the month of hearts playing “The Shots Challenge” in this episode of Barkada Access. 

Michelle and Kiko, who play the characters Angge and Otep respectively in the barkadaserye, were given a set of questions about each other, and if one guessed it correctly, the person who asked must drink the shot of liquid chosen by the other who got it right. Otherwise, he or she would need to drink that shot of liquid selected by the person who posed the question. 

Michelle started this exciting game by answering a question about Kiko’s height. As a clue, Kiko said that it does not pass 6 feet. Kiko’s hint seemingly slipped Michelle’s mind because she answered 6 feet 2 inches. Kiko said he actually stands just 5 feet 9 inches and since Michelle gave the wrong answer, he chose a shot of tonic water for her to drink. 

Next, Kiko was asked about the name of the elementary school Michelle attended. Surrender was written in his face when Michelle said that the name is something religious.  Kiko’s guess was “St. Scholastica” to which Michelle corrected, having attended St. Mary’s Academy for her elementary studies. Michelle chose a shot of soda for Kiko to drink.  

In the next round, Michelle had to guess Kiko’s favorite song. Kiko gave a hint that it’s by American rapper Kanye West, having liked several of his songs. The clue did not help Michelle for she does not know any of Kanye’s songs so she requested to browse through a music streaming app. Michelle’s answer, “Power” was wrong. As a penalty, she drank a shot of patis or fish sauce because Kiko’s favorite Kanye song is actually “Lost in the World.” Michelle then asked Kiko her middle name, which is surely quite challenging to answer. After incorrectly answering “Santos,” Kiko had to drink a shot of soy sauce. Michelle’s middle name is Reyes. 

The two then answered more interesting and hilarious questions as the game went on. To continue, Michelle glanced at Kiko’s shoes to guess his shoe size. Kiko jokingly threw his shoes away because Michelle got it correctly after saying it is size 12. Since she got it right, Kiko had to drink vinegar as a consequence. Following his misfortune, he had to take another shot after failing to answer Michelle’s birthday correctly. With three shots left, Michelle had to drink ketchup because she incorrectly guessed Kiko’s birthplace. Kiko then got Michelle’s last teleserye before Bagong Umaga wrong, but was all smiles because he only had to drink a shot of calamansi juice. There’s only one shot left and it’s Michelle’s turn to answer. The last question is still about teleseryes. Michelle had to guess Kiko’s first teleserye in ABS-CBN, which was Angelito: Ang Bagong Yugto, and she obviously had a difficult time. She eventually gave up, but, fortunately, she only had to take a shot of an energy drink. 

It was a sweet ending for both, as Kiko handed Michelle a bouquet of flowers to celebrate their successful onscreen pairing in Bagong Umaga.

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