Barkada Access Valentine Edition: Heaven, Tony enjoy the Mukbang Challenge while answering juicy netizen questions

Heaven Peralejo and Tony Labrusca took on a sumptuous “Mukbang Challenge,” cooking and eating delectable Korean dishes while answering netizen questions.

They first responded to a netizen’s request to describe each other in one word. Heaven said Tony is “grumpy” while Tony initially declared that Heaven is “madaldal.” He would further say that you couldn’t really encapsulate Heaven in just a word because when you’re with her, he revealed, there’s really just so much going on, in a positive way. That is why, Tony said, you wouldn’t really get bored when you’re with her. As such, Tony further described Heaven as “makulit.”

Tony was then asked, “What is the most favorite thing that you want to look at Heaven’s face?” He answered Heaven’s chubby cheeks. Both were then quizzed on what they preferred doing more in a scene - a kiss or a hug. And Tony said that since he usually does daring or really intimate scenes, this time he would want to just do it cute and sweet with Heaven.

Tony would then read a question directed at him: “If you’re given a chance to make a plot for a movie for you and Heaven, what would it be and how would you end it?” Tony then said he wants a storyline that would show their real personalities. Tony said his character could be like a Dao Ming Si in Meteor Garden and Heaven’s character could be that ‘kikay’ girl who would always talk to him. And eventually, Tony said, his character would miss Heaven’s character and would realize that his day wouldn’t be complete without her.

Tony was then asked what song he could croon for Heaven. He then sang his most favorite OPM ballad, “Hanggang Kailan.” For bonding moments with Heaven when the pandemic is over, Tony would like to have a luxurious dinner and do adrenaline-rising activities with her. Heaven then answered a question on how she could support Tony, and she said she could do it just by being present or by being by his side.

Next, they revealed how close they are with each other and from 1 to 10, they gave a rate of 10 because they both said they’re very much comfortable as onscreen partners, although they admitted it took them a while to reach that closeness. They shared that at the beginning, they had to make adjustments but eventually, they learned how to compromise and properly communicate with each other. In answering if Heaven as girlfriend material, Tony said her future boyfriend would be very lucky because he knows that she is going to be a very loving and caring partner. On the other hand, Heaven was asked to rate from 1 to 10 how close Tony is to her heart. And she immediately said that it’s a 10.

Lastly, on the most challenging scene they did together in Bagong Umaga, Tony said that it was their first kilig onscreen encounters because during those times, they were still not very comfortable doing it. But, Tony recognized that Heaven is an impressive actress, especially in scenes wherein she needs to shed tears.

Since it’s Valentine season, Heaven and Tony exchanged sweet messages. Tony gave Heaven a bouquet of flowers and told her that he’s very thankful and grateful to have her as his onscreen partner. He added that she deserves all the blessings that will come her way. “Thank you for being the Tisay to my Ely,” Tony said. Heaven then said that she’s very thankful to have Tony who always protects her and makes her happy. She also promised that she will always be there for him even after they finish Bagong Umaga.

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