Barkada Access Valentine Edition: Barbie Imperial, Yves Flores spread kilig vibes via Chubby Bunny Challenge

Taking a break from the exciting confrontations and compelling drama of Bagong Umaga, its stars Yves Flores and Barbie Imperial made us all kilig and laugh in their Barkada Access stint for its Valentine Edition.

Barbie and Yves, who impressively play the roles of Cai Veradona and Dodong Ponce respectively, enthusiastically took on the fun Chubby Bunny Challenge, wherein they had to stuff one marshmallow in each other’s mouths as they answered a set of questions. In order to find out who would take the first turn, they did one round of “Jack en Poy” which was won by Barbie.

The questions Yves had to respond on were the physical feature that he likes the best about himself, if Barbie had a big impact on him or as a loveteam partner, if he thinks she will be by his side to take care of him when he get sick, and what he prefers more between holding hands and hugging.

On the other hand, Barbie amused us with her answers on the questions regarding dreaming about Yves, his physical that she likes best, the moment she feels the most protected and taken cared of, the song that reminds her of her on-screen partner, and her first impression of her.

The game ended when both of them couldn’t contain the marshmallows jammed on their mouths and spewed those out. Yves handed her a bouquet of flowers and they exchanged sweet messages.

Barbie, thank you sa apat na buwan na pagsasama natin. Thank you sa pagkakaibigan. Kapag may problema ako, lagi kang nand’yan. At salamat dahil ramdam ko na ‘di mo ako iniwan,” the 26-year-old actor stated and they went on to do a fist bump. “Promise ko kahit ‘di na tayo magkatrabaho, [kapag] tapos na ang Bagong Umaga, kapag kailangan mo ako, lagi lang akong nandito. Forever.”

The 22-year-old actress also expressed her gratitude towards her loveteam partner. 

Thankful ako at grateful na meron akong kaibigan na katulad mo at meron akong loveteam na ‘di lang pang-kilig, kundi kaibigan din off-cam. So, thank you and siyempre nandito lang din ako palagi para sa’yo kahit ang layo ng bahay mo,” she uttered, which ensued to chuckles and another fist bump between them.

Click on this video to find out what their responses were to those kilig-inducing questions. Keep on showing your love and support to Dodong and Cai by not missing an episode of Bagong Umaga, weekdays after It’s Showtime, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z!