Bagong Umaga Barkada Access: Lead stars “pass the cam” to answer revealing questions

Bagong Umaga has been successful in imparting to the audience remarkable values of friendship and family. Now that it is down to its final week, the stars themselves have so many memorable bonding moments as the worked together during the series’ run.

The show’s main cast, including Heaven Peralejo, Tony Labrusca, Michelle Vito, Kiko Estrada, Barbie Imperial, and Yves Flores take on the “Pass the Cam” Challenge in this Bagong Umaga Barkada Access episode.  They were tasked to hold a cam and train it on co-actors asking them questions. After answering, the actor, using the cam passed on to him or her, will ask another lead star a set of questions.

Heaven went first and she was asked right away who are the five people in real life that she could consider her friends. The Kapamilya actress said that on the top of her list would be her mom, followed by her Ate Candy, her best friend Jean as well as her co-stars Tony and Kiko. Heaven added that she considers all her co-stars to be her friends in real life. For the next question, she was asked about her local and Hollywood showbiz crushes and she revealed that Tom Holland is her Hollywood crush, and Tony, Kiko, and Joshua Garcia are her local celebrity crushes. Lastly, Heaven was asked about what she would miss about Bagong Umaga. And she said that she’ll never forget the series because it made her cry in a lot of scenes. Apart from that, she would miss all her bonding moments with the whole team especially during their days off.

Heaven then passed the camera to Tony and also asked him a few questions. The first question was “If you could be a wine, what kind would you be?” And Tony answered he’d probably be Prosecco because according to him, it’s bubbly, not too dry, and happy. When asked what his job could probably be right now if he was not an actor, Tony answered he would probably still be a barber because that was his job when he was still living in the US. Lastly, he was also asked what he would miss the most in Bagong Umaga, and Tony answered it’s the staff who took care of them very well.

It was Tony’s turn to pass the camera to Michelle Vito. First Michelle was asked about her dream destination, which she said was Paris. Michelle was then asked about one skill that she’s most proud of aside from acting, and she answered that it’s her knowledge and skill in human resource management. Michelle also shared that it’s the routine that they have had during all of their tapings that she’ll miss about Bagong Umaga.

Michelle then passed the camera to Kiko, who was first asked about his guilty pleasure. And he said it’s pizza. Her next question was about the series that he’s been binge-watching, and Kiko shared it’s “The Boys”. Lastly, Kiko said that it’s the whole team, the whole production staff that he’ll miss the most in Bagong Umaga.

After that, Kiko went to Barbie to ask her another set of questions. The first was about the last lie she told to someone, and she said that it’s something she told to one of the staff of Bagong Umaga. She was then asked about the celebrity she wants to work with in the future, and she answered that it’s her real-life partner Diego Loyzaga. Lastly, she shared that she’ll miss fondest memories she had with the people from Bagong Umaga.

Barbie then passed the camera to Yves Flores, the last cast member to take on the challenge. First, Barbie asked him what’s something that he would change about himself, and Yves jokingly answered that it’s good looks. Next question was about a superpower that he would want to have and the actor said it’s teleportation. Lastly, Yves shared that it’s also the whole cast’s bonding moments with each other that he would miss the most.

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