Barbie and Yves get fun and candid as they play the “Guilty or Not Guilty” Challenge

Bagong Umaga adds more kilig to our afternoons by introducing three fresh love teams including Yves Flores and Barbie Imperial. In this game called Guilty or Not Guilty, the duo exudes charming chemistry as they reveal their habits, personalities, and even violations on the set.

The first question was about tardiness. Both pleaded not guilty. If ever it happens, the probable cause would have to be accident or emergency situations.

The most number of takes they had in a scene is about three or four, and usually it’s because they’d stutter or fail to deliver lofty emotions.

They owned up to being called out on the set due to being noisy. That’s how fun it gets when everyone gets along like a true family.

On being a sleepyhead, Barbie said she’s guilty. Nibbling on salt with calamansi keeps her awake. Yves shared that he’s a night owl, so staying up late for work isn’t a problem for him. He struggles to wake up early, though.

On being ‘marupok,’ Barbie pleaded not guilty. Yves’ friends would attest that he is. Kiko Estrada, who was with Yves in the lock-in hotel room during the interview would chime in, “At least masarap magmahal.”

Both are guilty of having big appetite. Yves revealed that Barbie loves to buy them food and snacks.  She mentioned that indian mango is her comfort food. They can also be messy at times especially when in a hurry.

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