Bagong Umaga stars give us a tour of their “location” and an exclusive behind-the-scene access to their pictorial

We all miss the days when afternoons are meant for some ‘barkada’ fun. Reminiscent of the old times, Bagong Umaga follows the struggles of a group of six friends whose lives have long been intertwined by social injustice, wickedness, lies and revenge.

Taking on her breakthrough role, Heaven Peralejo plays Tisay, the bright cum laude of the Magbanua family. She’s a budding journalist with a badass fighting spirit behind the sweet demeanor. Tisay has an adoptive brother Dodong (Yves Flores), her constant protector and number one fan; and a best friend named Angge (Michelle Vito), the troublesome ‘diskarte’ girl of the group.

En route to unearthing the misdeeds of the Buencorazon Hospital owned by the rich and influential Veradona clan who ordered the demolition of their small community, the trio crosses paths with Ely (Tony Labrusca) and the Veradona heiress, Cai (Barbie Imperial). The mysterious Otep (Kiko Estrada) will join the group for an ulterior motive.

More than just a ‘barkada’ series, Bagong Umaga explores deep-seated issues and conflict anchored on family drama, friendship, love, and new beginnings.

To adapt to the “new normal,” the Bagong Umaga creative team had to refocus their techniques and be resourceful, resulting in an elaborate “location” set up within the confines of the ABS-CBN Compound. In this exclusive behind-the-scene footage, the six lead stars tour us around the set.

Most of the scenes are shot in the small community where some of the lead characters live. There’s a marketplace, a basketball court, small apartments, and more ‘tambayan’ spots all created just for the show. They also maximize the use of the offices and studios for indoor scenes, especially when the weather is bad.

The entire cast could not be more amazed by and proud of the production designers for mounting the sets and making them appear believable onscreen. In this video, we also get to witness the lead stars in full character for the outdoor pictorial. We also love the formal pastel-themed outfits for the studio shoot. Such an eye-candy bunch!

Check out this video for exclusive behind-the-scene footage of the newest ‘barkada’ to love!