Bagong Umaga stars Cris Villanueva and Keempee de Leon test their millennial vocabulary

As seasoned actors, Cris Villanueva and Keempee de Leon find millennial stars a breath of fresh air on the set. They said the inviting energy amuses them and it reminds them of their younger days. To test how they keep up with the new generation, the actors of Bagong Umaga take on the Kapamilya Chat “Millennial Slang” Challenge where they would try to test their knowledge on new-gen vocabulary. Let’s see how they fared in this game!

Cris had a good start with “lodi,” an anagram of idol. He named Christopher de Leon as his biggest idol in the industry. The 49-year-old actor seems updated with boomer twangs. He perfectly defined “savage,” “issa mood,” “low-key,” and “spill the tea.”  

In the millennial dictionary, savage relates to anything cool and badass, or “petmalu” as Cris described. “Issa mood” is used to comment on something relatable or that which arouses the same feeling. When trying to do something in secret, keep it “low-key.” From “spill the beans” or “spill the T” with T meaning truth, youngsters upgraded the old phrases to “spill the tea” which means to dish out the gossip.

Keempee found it difficult to decipher Gen-Z terms. He thought “thirst trap” is related to womanizing. The term means to flex the body on social media. He was shocked to hear the word “shookt” and he was completely baffled with “lit” which he later on figured out when used in a sentence. “Shookt” means completely stunned while “lit” is used to describe something utterly amazing.

Maybe Cris and Keempee could learn more from their teenage kids, and their young co-stars in Bagong Umaga.