Bagong Umaga Barkada Access: Rio Locsin, Peewee O’ Hara take on “Guess That Slang Word” Challenge

Taking a break from the heartwarming drama and intense confrontations in the afternoon soap opera Bagong Umaga, veteran actresses Rio Locsin and Peewee O’ Hara enthusiastically accepted the fun and exciting “Guess That Slang Word” Challenge in the latest episode of Bagong Umaga Barkada Access.

Impeccably playing the roles of Lola Pet and Lola Hilda respectively, Peewee and Rio had their knowledge on commonly used millennial and Gen Z jargons tested as they tried to guess the meaning of each word that they would pick from the fish bowl. To determine who should go first, they played one round of “bato-bato-pick”, in which Peewee’s scissors lost to Rio’s rock, making her the first one to play.

Out of the 11 words given to them, they were only able to guess four. Rio got the correct answer for “ghost”, which means “someone who disappears without notice”, and for “shook”, which translates to “shocked or surprised”. On the other hand, Peewee was indeed proud to know what “flex” means, which is “to brag”. Both of them were able to accurately define “lowkey”, which pertains to “modest” or “restrained”.

Meanwhile, the words both of the veteran actresses failed to guess correctly were “hangry” (combination of hungry and angry), “salty” (upset), “slay” (to do something exceptionally well), “mood” (something that is relatable or “in”), “lit” (successful, great), TBF (to be fair), and “FOMO” (fear of missing out).

In the end, Peewee got the score of 2, while Rio was feeling victorious with her three points. As a consequence, the former had to do an impromptu song and dance number, to which she willingly obliged by belting out and busting her moves to Madonna’s “Like A Virgin”.

Click on this video to see everything that happened in this another fun episode of Bagong Umaga Barkada Access!

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