Bagong Umaga Barkada Access: Cris and Keempee’s fun, exciting showdown in “Ibigay Mo Na” Challenge

Their characters Ian Veradona and Jose Magbanua in Bagong Umaga may not be completely in good terms considering the complicated circumstances between and surrounding their families, but veteran actors Cris Villanueva and Keempee De Leon apparently get along very well when the reels are not rolling. 

And we are able to witness that in this latest episode of Bagong Umaga Barkada Access, wherein they temporarily set aside the heart-rending drama and intense confrontations and entertained us with their humorous facets and quick-wittedness as they enthusiastically take on the “Ibigay Mo Na” Challenge.

In this game, each of them is given three seconds to supply different answers to the categories thrown to them and whoever provides the last right answer wins a point. To determine who’s going to have his first turn, they played “bato-bato-pik” which was won by Cris.

For the first round, they were asked male character names of Bagong Umaga. Both of them were able to provide a handful of responses, including each other’s names, but it was Cris who spoke last, so the point was awarded to him.

He once again dominated the second round after Keempee failed to utter another answer to the category “taping departments”, wherein they had a truly impressive rally.

Despite only saying “Jose’s House” and “Maggie’s House” for the “fictional location names of Bagong Umaga” category, Keempee was still able defeat Cris in the third round after the latter wasn’t able to say his third answer within three seconds.

And for the fourth and final round, Cris was declared the winner after his opponent got mental blocked and failed to provide another response to the “female character names of Bagong Umaga” category. 

As a consequence, Keempee was compelled to do an on the spot song and dance number, to which he willingly obliged by chanting Bagong Umaga while busting his snazzy, “tito” groove repeatedly. 

Click on this video to see everything that happened in this fun and exciting episode of Bagong Umaga Barkada Access!

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