5 Most unforgettable heartbreaking moments that gripped, affected viewers in Bagong Umaga

Right off the bat, we already knew that Bagong Umaga is going to be truly exciting as it would follow the journey of four innocent babies who were switched at birth by the vengeful Diana (Glydel Mercado), a nurse in that hospital who’s absolutely infuriated after their administrator’s indifference to her own baby’s harrowing situation that led to its death.

And in the next two decades, the babies, who turned out to be Tisay (Heaven Peralejo), Dodong (Yves Flores), Ely (Tony Labrusca), and Cai (Barbie Imperial), had to grow up and live with families to whom they’re not biologically-related with. Unbeknown to her, her own child whom she thought was dead has been alive all these years, and she’s none other than Angge (Michelle Vito). But those years she’s not with her weren’t entirely miserable because it was filled by her adoptive son Otep (Kiko Estrada).

As the barkadaserye we all loved approaches its thrilling “Tagos Sa Pusong Pagtatapos” today, let’s revisit five of its most remarkable tear-jerking moments in this Friday 5 feature!

There’s definitely nothing more agonizing for a mom than losing her precious child, just like what happened to Diana. As she expected for the owners of the Buenacorazon Hospital Dr. Ian (Cris Villanueva) and Dra. Maggie Veradona (Sunshine Cruz) to help her with the treatment of her ill newborn daughter since she’s been working there for a long time, her pleas fell on deaf ears. The baby eventually died, which pained her so much since she’s the only one left to her and made her swore that the Veradona couple’s greed would make them lose their child as well.

After the Veradonas and Magbanuas finally found out that their beloved daughters were switched at birth as a result of Diana’s vengeance to the former, both families found themselves in a really complicated situation. As the parents accepted the truth with open arms, Tisay and Cai had difficulty doing so since the former used to abhor Ian and Maggie, while the latter had been accustomed to the lavish life they had provided her ever since she was born.

Just as Ely was looking forward on his next bonding moment with his younger brother Gab (Ali Abinal), an unexpected tragedy happened that already made that impossible. As they bade each other farewell after their brief meeting, Gab saw a speeding car going towards his Kuya Ely, who was then busy with his phone. He instinctively ran to push him, so it was him who was fatally hit. Ely was able to rush him to the hospital, but he couldn’t be saved anymore.

Since the truth behind their identities was finally uncovered, Tisay decided to go back to her biological parents Ian and Maggie and try to make up to the lost times they had because of what happened in the past. Monica (Nikki Valdez) tried to beg her to just make amends with Cai, but Tisay told her that it’s impossible because of the deep wrath they had against one another. She just promised to visit them often and advised her to spend more time with their biological daughter.

Arguably, many of us despised Cai as much as the other characters of the series, but our hearts were truly pierced as we witnessed how she helplessly obeyed to the commands of Diana’s henchman in order for her to save her beloved family. We really felt her fright and anguish as she spoke to the camera while reading the script they prepared for her, wherein she’s compelled to own up the crime she didn’t commit.

Are we going to witness more tear-jerking moments in the final episode of Bagong Umaga? That’s for us to see, so you better not miss the “Tagos Sa Pusong Pagtatapos” today after It’s Showtime on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z Channel 11!