10 scenes that measured Tisay and Ely’s love and relationship in Bagong Umaga

Family helped Tisay (Heaven Peralejo) and Ely (Tony Labrusca) discover love at a young age, albeit different in forms. But their views of love were put to the test following a myriad of ordeals. Keeping our fingers crossed for Tisay and Ely’s happy ending in the finale of Bagong Umaga, let us revisit their scenes that show how love made them grow individually and as a pair, and some ‘kilig’ moments in-between.

Let’s begin the romance meter with something light and cute. Tisay and Ely served us butterflies when she caught him dancing at the hospital to make his mom feel better. They exchanged smiles, so sweet we couldn’t help but wear one on our faces.

Our growing appetite for TonyVen moments were satisfied as their characters jumped from strangers to enemies to potential lovers. Ely stole Tisay’s heart (and we bet yours as well) when he said he wanted to be her friend. He inched closer. Although Tisay was obviously nervous and she tried to keep their distance, she did not break her gaze. It turned out just a trap to annoy her.  

From level one ‘kilig’ let’s move further to the more romantic scenes. The time spent together, and occasional bickering, planted the seeds of Tisay and Ely’s romance. There came a time when he got tired of not seeing them grow. He knew they share something special but she was too scared to give it a try, thus keeping him frustrated. He was forced to clear their status. Ely grabbed Tisay by the waist, locking the space between them. He cupped his face and inched closer, leading to that magical moment called first kiss.

Now, here’s where it becomes official. In a scene, Tisay empathized with Ely’s pain brought about by filial problems. The strained relationship with his father kept him questioning his inner self, scared that he would turn monstrous like him. Tisay felt it was time to repay Ely for his constant support, and it showed that they value love with a give-and-take attitude. They fill in each other’s weaknesses. Besides that, we love this scene for Tisay’s heartfelt confession that details what makes Ely a cut above the rest. It’s a moment worth reminiscing, and a dialogue worth pondering on.

“’Yung tao na araw-araw pinipili akong mahalin, alagaan, intindihin. ‘Yung tao na kahit ang dami na niyang dala-dala, na kahit minsan nahihirapan siya sa sarili niyang problema, may lugar pa rin ako para making siya sa akin. Hindi ko alam kung bakit siya ‘yung pinupuntahan ko ngayon. Ikaw lang ang nakikita ko sa harapan ko ngayon. Lahat ng ginagawa mo galing sa pagmamahal kaya kita mahal,” Tisay told Ely in that ‘aww’-inducing moment.

As we mentioned, Tisay and Ely are a team even in helping each other grow. They influence one another to be more patient, understanding, and forgiving. They held hands and looked straight into each other’s eyes while making a pact to take on their journey together. The scene ended with an ‘emergency kiss’ on the forehead and cheek and a hug that can take all their worries away.

Now, the romance meter turns red as we tackle the most challenging seasons in Tisay and Ely’s relationship. Diana (Glydel Mercado) dropped the truth bomb, wreaking havoc on everyone’s lives. Tisay tried to be the stronger one for Ely, at first. But as the days passed, he got too consumed by the pain. He felt so alone, realizing that he grew up in the presence of strangers. Although Tisay did her best to soother his insecurities, it wasn’t enough to keep him holding on.

Another trial came when Tisay’s father Ian (Cris Villanueva) was convicted for the car accident that took Ely’s brother, Gab (Ali Abnal)’s life. He was forced to break up with Tisay, who felt abandoned at the darkest times of her life.

The relationship meter slowed down in the recent episodes as Ely hinted at his feelings for Tisay. He explained that asking for space doesn’t mean he stopped loving her. In fact, he did it to preserve what they have. He just wanted things to get back to normal before they get a second shot at love.

But, with everything that has happened, will Tisay still save a space in her heart for Ely? Don’t miss Bagong Umaga’s “Tagos sa Pusong Pagtatapos” on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.