10 scenes featuring the kilig, refreshing love triangle of Tisay, Ely, and Otep in Bagong Umaga

There’s something about Tisay (Heaven Peralejo) that even in her simple, spunky personality, she won the hearts of two guys without even trying. We think the irresistible charisma lies in her heavenly beauty, and more importantly, big-heartedness. Let’s see it from the perspective of Ely (Tony Labrusca) and Otep (Kiko Estrada) as we review 10 scenes from Bagong Umaga that show how their love triangle came to life.

We know that chemistry can determine who would get love moments in a teleserye. Although the loveteam is already established by the beginning of the show, sometimes surprising spark can thicken the plot. In the case of Tisay, she looks good with both Ely and Otep. It was first hinted at that scene wherein Otep met Tisay after submitting her resume to Bagong Siglo as requested by Angge (Michelle Vito). 

The mysterious yet handsome Otep introduced himself to Tisay and told her, “Mas maganda ka sa personal.” Ely, who then was starting to date Tisay, did not like the guy’s obvious admiration. So, he made a way to get her attention.

Even Dodong (Yves Flores) did not like his sister getting sandwiched between two guys. He looked doubtful when Otep joined them at the ‘tambayan’ for a drinking session to celebrate Tisay’s employment. Ely was acting sweet and protective of our heroine but Otep’s subtle flirting was hard to ignore as well. Although part of his secret tasks for Diana (Glydel Mercado), Otep would soon make a bigger move to get to know Tisay more. He would try to win her by making ‘pa-cute,’ a stark contrast to Ely’s sweet but ‘masungit’ personality. 

The conflict thickened when Ely and Tisay broke up, paving the entrance for Otep, who was willing to do all kinds of sneaky moves in helping her solve her father’s case. There was a scene wherein Tisay got too overwhelmed, so she hugged and thanked Otep for his help. Poor Ely arrived, caught the scene, and had his heart broken.

The rivalry stiffened when Tisay had quite a rebel moment and all that she had was Angge and Otep. That led to the digital virtuoso taking the ‘besties’ in. Just as we expected, staying under the same roof spawned loads of Otep-Tisay moments. One of the most ‘kilig’ would have to be that breakfast scene wherein Otep tried to prepare a meal for his guests. Tisay entered the kitchen and tried the dish, leading to a cute banter. Despite the guy’s obvious feelings for her, Tisay did not break the thought that he belongs to her best friend.

It did not take long until Ely started to miss his ‘mahal’ and realized how much he wants to be with her again when things are back to normal. While he’s waiting for things to simmer down, his rival is slowly getting closer to Tisay. 

The bar scene took the third wheeling up a notch. The two guys helped Tisay gather pieces of evidence that would save Ian (Cris Villanueva) from wrongful accusations. But, first, she needed to disguise. From plain to sultry, Tisay stunned Ely and Otep with her transformation. Trying to act normal when the targets passed by, Ely pretended to use his mobile phone while Otep inched closer to Tisay as though wanting to kiss her. She startled when Ely looked her way. In a succeeding scene, Tisay would admit that she’s still affected by her feelings for Ely. 

Tension almost flared up when Ely and Otep argued about who gets to send Tisay home that night. She ended up just getting her own ride. The guys were left fighting. Otep tried to rub in his enemy’s stupid decision of breaking up with and hurting Tisay. On the other hand, Ely stressed that they never really broke up, just in a cool-off stage.

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