10 kilig scenes that show Kiko & Michelle’s magic as a love team in Bagong Umaga

Teleserye enthusiasts know for sure that chemistry is neither learned nor forced. It just comes out naturally like what Kiko Estrada and Michelle Vito showcased in Bagong Umaga. After testing the waters, the love team took on a full sail, and we are here to round up ten of their most endearing scenes in the beloved barkadaserye.

We all became the newest convert to Kiko and Michelle’s fandom as soon as they shared the screen. They looked good together without even trying. They captured our hearts just by engaging in a ‘cara y cruz’ game. There was no fancy backdrop or cheesy lines – just plain chemistry as Otep (Kiko) crushed Angge (Michelle)’s luck in the game she used to master. Take note that Otep was just a stranger. He just moved into the small community where Angge lives.

Then, their first conversation happened, and it wasn’t so friendly, either. Otep, moved by pity, insisted that she takes her money back upon learning snippets of her financial woes. She did not like the act of charity, telling him her dignity is not for sale. He then introduced himself and said he’s looking for a new friend. Angge turned her ‘taray’ mode into a friendly tone. She smiled. He smiled back. Cue in the sparks!

He became Angge’s best friend number three, besides Tisay (Heaven Peralejo) and Dodong (Yves Flores). He was a constant help in her daily hustle. They’d have ‘food trip’ dates just so he can buy from her rolling store. She asked how he feels about her, curious if the kindness is rooted from pity. She then touched on her fantasy to end up with a rich guy. He volunteered as her potential boyfriend, “hindi mayaman pero may itsura naman.” Angge smirked and turn down the idea, disgusted over the poor-girl-meets-an-equally-poor-boy synopsis. That kind of spunk and bold honesty seemed to have softened his heart.

So, when she ran to him for comfort after getting her heart broken, they both turned total ‘marupoks.’  It led them to a drinking session in a private room. Tipsy and sad, she asked him for a kiss. The anticipation builds up and so does the kilig as Otep tries not to give in. After all the tension and an endearing banter, the moment finally strikes to set up the romantic night.

They kept it casual after that one-night stand. But there’s something so sweet about ‘tropa’ vibes turning into romance. The ‘asaran’ moments would ignite more sparks between them. He helped her get over Ely (Tony Labrusca), who was already in a relationship with Tisay. While he kept on teasing her that night, she was glad to have him around. They stopped laughing for a moment, gazed into each other’s eyes and kept the tension burning slow. He told her, “Date mo lang ako kahit kailan mo gusto.”

That’s what she did. She dated him many times over just to keep herself entertained until the sham turned into true feelings. Angge may be known as the gang’s strong girl but her whole heart melts at Otep’s sweetness. She found a guy who can make her feel special even at her worst ‘topak’ moments.

When Otep announced his resignation and plans of leaving for the province, the happy girl suddenly felt blue. He found her at the ‘tambayan’ staring at the sunset and crying. When asked why, she said she would miss him. She was so honest that it broke his heart as well.

That night, Angge gave in to her feelings and rushed to Otep’s place hoping to change his mind. He tried his best to make goodbye a little nice. He wanted her to remain independent and strong without him, for a while. But the truth is he didn’t want to see her cry because it will also break him.

It didn’t stop her, though. Angge boldly confessed her feelings. The honesty left him speechless because he knew he’s also fallen for her. Yet, even if he realized that they can’t live without each other, the situation was so complicated he couldn’t let love grow at that time. Besides, he thinks she’s too good for him. Here’s where all the ‘awws’ happened. Angge said she isn’t asking him to change because she loves him as the Otep she’s known from the beginning.

It got more complicated and real from there. Otep knew he’s supposed to leave as part of Diana (Glydel Mercado)’s plan.  But he couldn’t because if he leaves, his heart will stay with Angge.

Angge’s love for Otep is so pure that it never runs out even if she has seen the worst of him. She will choose him every day. Don’t miss how their love story ends in Bagong Umaga’s “Tagos Sa Pusong Pagtatapos” on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.