10 Kilig moments Dodong proved his love for Cai despite her evil ways in Bagong Umaga

We may have already seen a lot of teleserye couples (or even in real life!) with similar love story as them, but there’s arguably something exceptional about the romantic affair of Dodong and Cai, played by Yves Flores and Barbie Imperial, respectively, in the afternoon soap opera Bagong Umaga.

And now that the barkadaserye approaches its much-awaited “Tagos Sa Pusong Pagtatapos” this week, let’s take a look back on the 10 moments when the charming and kindhearted Dodong proved his love for the snobbish and rude Cai.

She may possess the mesmerizing, deific beauty that could definitely make everyone turn their heads, yet Cai also have a displeasing attitude that made some of the people around her absolutely abhor her. However, Dodong still chose to understand and love her, as well as be with her especially during those times that she didn’t have someone to run to.

Who would forget one of their first encounters wherein a seemingly drunk Cai impliedly confessed how much it pained her to see the only person who cared for her also left her and Dodong told her “andito naman ako”. Instead of being grateful, she laughed at what he said and literally pushed him away, telling him that she didn’t care about him and she would never fall in love with a tricycle driver like him. As she belittled him, Dodong clapped back at her by saying how his Tatay Jose, who’s also a tricycle driver, is admired for being kind, noble, and loving, while she’s being abandoned because of being ungrateful and snobby.

Despite her rudeness, Dodong had always thought of Cai’s welfare. He protected Cai from naysayers and foul-mouthed people, both online and in real life, who quickly judged her when her cheating scandal was exposed and went viral. He even convinced their friends to help her out when she was going through that tough time of her life.

Moreover, he had always been her shoulder to cry on every time she’s troubled or depressed. When the truth behind her identity was finally revealed, it indeed caused her too much pain as that made her believe that she “would go back to being nothing” after they found out that Tisay is the real Veradona while she’s a Magbanua. He consoled her by saying that it’s only her who thinks that way and reminded her that she should stop comparing herself to others. As she insisted that she is a Veradona, Dodong told her that one’s personality is seen not through his/her surname, wealth, nor job, but to his/her heart, so she should always listen to her heart to avoid getting stressed so much. He also advised her to already consider Tisay as a sister, but she rejected it.

Even though he loved Cai so much and he’s willing to be always there for her, Dodong also never hesitated to point out her mistakes to her to make her realize that some of the things she did were unacceptable. But, of course, he never forgot to provide her encouragement and comfort through his presence and words of wisdom.

As everybody disdained her for conniving with Diana (Glydel Mercado) in putting the life of Tisay in great danger, Dodong refused to believe so and told Cai, “Kilala kasi kita e. Misunderstood ka lang pero ‘di ka masamang tao”. For him, she was also a victim of Diana’s wickedness so she should not get whatever they said into her head and just move on. He would even make an effort to talk to Tisay to fix their rift.

And up to her unforeseen death, we saw how much Dodong loved Cai so much as he didn’t only miss the one last chance to see her, but continue to seek justice for her as well.

They may not be given the chance to take their relationship to the next level, their unbreakable bond was arguably enough to make us all kilig and yearn for us to have someone like Dodong in our lives.

Will Dodong and the rest of the gang successfully find out the truth behind and attain justice for Cai’s death? Let’s all find out by not missing the remaining episodes of Bagong Umaga, weekdays after It’s Showtime on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z Channel 11!