Yves and Barbie talk about their co-stars and the friendship built in the Bagong Umaga bubble

Fate is starting to play its tricks among the characters in Bagong Umaga,” threatening to darken the promise of a new dawn in the lives of Tisay (Heaven Peralejo) and the other key players.

Now grown-ups, Tisay alongside Dodong (Yves Flores) and Angge (Michelle Vito) attempt to navigate the shady world of the influential Veradona clan after the immediate demolition of the marketplace near the Buencorazon Hospital. The steely incident is a result of a business deal between Ian (Cris Villanueva) and Matthew (Richard Quan).

Meanwhile, Tisay and Ely (Tony Labrusca) would cross paths after he accidentally drops his wallet. On the same occasion, Cai (Barbie Imperial) attempts to confess her feelings for Ely.  

Last week’s episode also shows the contrast between the Magbanuas and the Veradonas as Tisay, Dodong, and Cai celebrate their birthdays.

In the interactive show “The Breaking Dawn” aired every commercial gap on Kapamilya Online Live, Yves mentioned that the opposing social status between the two families adds weight to the plot. It branches out to their inner conflict and their views on love.

Based on the trailer, a romantic angle will develop between Yves and Barbie’s characters. The new tandem instantly got along despite his assumption that she’s snobbish. He soon discovered that she’s one of the boys and she even reminds him of his best friend, Sue Ramirez.

On the other lead actresses, he says Michelle is the ‘bunso’ and the most quiet in the group while Heaven is approachable and eager to learn from their seniors.

In a separate episode of “The Breaking Dawn,” Barbie expressed admiration over Heaven and Michelle’s acting as their characters go undercover for their secret mission. Barbie has been friends with the two girls long before, so the lock-in taping seemed like a happy reunion for them. ‘Sepanx’ was real when they went home for a break, thus Barbie is utterly excited for the next rounds of taping.

A new family was built in the small lock-in bubble that they can now laugh at each other’s bloopers. But as much as possible, the actors aim to deliver the scenes in one take so as not to cause a delay. 

Joining them in the interactive show is co-star Moi Bien who points out the value of familial love in these trying times as portrayed in Bagong Umaga.

Follow the story of six friends whose lives have been interlaced the day they were born. Bagong Umaga airs every Monday to Friday, after It’s Showtime on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live and A2Z Channel.