Touching moments in Bagong Umaga that show Monica and Jose’s selfless love for their children

Bagong Umaga may be a barkadaserye, but it still didn’t fail to ingrain values on love and family to its viewers. Aside from the relatable and admirable relationship of the lead characters, we also get to witness the genuine love they share with their parents or guardians that is able to withstand the challenges and struggles they have to go through in life.

As the afternoon series approaches its “Tagos sa Pusong Pagtatapos”, let’s take a look back on some of the instances when Jose (Keempee De Leon) and Monica (Nikki Valdez) showed their selfless and unwavering love to their children not just through doing sacrifices for them, but also through reminding them valuable life lessons in this Kapamilya Toplist feature!

As Tisay (Heaven Peralejo) and Dodong (Yves Flores) were caught stealing by the barangay watchmen at a gambling hub, Jose wasn’t able to contain his temper as he scolded both of them. Dodong apologized attempted to downplay what they did, but Tisay objected and expressed how sincerely sorry they are.

This sparked a quarrel between him and his wife, as Monica argued how they’ve been also robbed everyday through the “boundary” regularly taken from them by the owner of the tricycle that Jose drives. While that seems to be true, he contended that it should never be reason for them to steal money and to be also corrupt like others do. Besides, he also claimed to not have a child who’s a thief.

Despite being reprimanded, Tisay still mustered the courage to talk to her Tatay Jose and explain why they did it. He reminded her of her ambition of becoming a reporter who would expose the wrongdoings that she will witness to the public, so she really needs to protect her integrity.

Even though her intention in committing it was clear – just to help their family with their financial woes, Jose told her that it shouldn’t be an excuse for them to take the money of other people, regardless of how they’re going to use it. He reminded her that it’s not going to be the first and last time that her integrity and personality would be tested, so he should be wiser and more humane the next time she would see herself in the same situation again. At the same time, Jose apologized for how he reacted.

After her confrontation with Dr. Ian Veradona (Cris Villanueva), Tisay was hesitant to tell her parents that he not only tried to bribe her, but also posed threat on her life. But because of her boyfriend Ely’s (Toni Labrusca) prodding, she was compelled to do it, which really piqued Jose. Monica tried to pacify him in order for Tisay to fully disclose what happened, but that wasn’t enough, particularly upon hearing that Ian threatened her life, and he immediately left to talk to him.

Tisay failed to hide her emotions from her parents as they intently asked her about how she felt after her unforeseen altercation with Cai (Barbie Imperial). As she tearfully expressed how difficult it was for her to show pity towards her, Monica and Jose told her that it’s not what they wanted her to feel, but they only wished her to open her heart for her.

They explained that people are not only divided between good or bad because the true measure of one’s personality are the contents of his/her heart. For instance, there are people who she considers friends but are actually her enemies, the same with her foes who could eventually be her buddies. Thus, she should always be wary of what she sees inside and outside of the people around her.

As Tisay once again put herself in danger, Monica wasn’t able to help herself from getting mad despite already enduring the pain inflicted by the gunshot she sustained after shielding Tisay from the riding-in-tandem who attempted to shoot him. Despite Jose’s plea not to stress herself out, she argued that it’s just her ability to walk that was lost and not her being a mom.

She scolded her for not pondering her actions first before plunging into the situation. Tisay explained that she just did it in her pursuit of immediately seeking justice for what happened to Monica, since it was her who was supposed to suffer that ordeal. But Monica assured her that it would never be her fault for she instinctively did it, and would do it again if needed, because of her selfless love for her.

Still finding it difficult to move on and forgive the people behind what happened to her mom, Tisay confessed to Monica the rage she was feeling. But Monica advised her that she should learn how to forgive and not let her wrath rule over her, or else she would suffer in the long run. Yes, it would be difficult, but she doesn’t have to pressure herself to immediately forgive.

How will Jose and Monica further show their selfless love towards their children? Let’s all find out in the “Tagos Sa Pusong Pagtatapos” finale week of Bagong Umaga, weekdays after It’s Showtime on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z Channel 11!