Tisay and Angge’s beautiful, solid friendship on Bagong Umaga

Friendship is one of the most beautiful bonds in this world because you find family in people that you are not even related to by blood. In the popular family drama Bagong Umaga, we witness a special connection such as this between two of the lead characters’ Tisay (Heaven Peralejo) and Angge (Michelle Vito). As the story progresses, it is heartwarming how beautiful the friendship they forged has become. 

Let’s look back on the solid friendship of Angge and Tisay!

Tisay has always been the responsible daughter of her family, but she still experiences several hardships in life. Yes, she’s smart but street smart? That’s Angge’s specialty.

Now, Angge may be a troublemaker, but her first meeting with Tisay was probably fate. Struggling to find money for her medication, Tisay had no idea how to afford it. Luckily, Angge had some ideas she was willing to teach Tisay. Albeit her tactics are a little questionable, they were still able to work something out together. 



Their opposite personalities definitely complemented each other, showing the beginning of their wonderful friendship. Whether it’s enduring the challenges of poverty together and uncovering the truth behind their enemies, these two girls got each other’s back. 



But, like all friendships, their ups will have downs. 

Angge doesn’t always have it easy and has a hard time to land a stable job like Tisay who’s got great grades to back her up. When she was pushed to a corner to find money for her grandmother’s medicine, she couldn’t help but accept the easiest way to get it even if it was a bribe. 

That moment really put a thorn in their relationship given that the bribe came from Ian Veradona, one of the people from the families Tisay was investigating. When Tisay accused Angge of losing her principles, the latter bit back with hurtful words that are hard to forget, “Ikaw pa-angat na, may pag-asa magbago buhay mo. Samantalang ako ni katiting ng pag-asa wala!” 



Despite disagreements like that, Angge and Tisay manage to settle their disputes because they know that their love for each other matters more. Moreover, they know when to step up and be there for their friend. 

Angge definitely has Tisay’s back no matter what. We saw how quick she was to fight for Tisay’s honor every time Cai tried to cause a rift in Tisay and Ely’s relationship. 


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There were definitely more conflicts in their friendship but they didn’t let this hinder their friendship. When Angge was starting to like Ely, she made sure to see if Tisay had feelings for him. Although Tisay did eventually develop feelings, Angge didn’t let that end their friendship. 



As much as possible, they also try to be honest to each other about everything. When Tisay was trying to figure out what was up between Angge and Otep, Angge couldn’t hide the truth from her beloved best friend and just spilled everything.



These just make their bond stronger. We definitely felt it in one of their heart-to-hearts as they were talking about love. 



As Tisay was falling in love with Ely, whom her best friend used to like, she reassured her friend that, “’Wag mo susuko mga pangarap mo, sa pagyaman o sa pagmamahal.” This made Angge smile, but she also added that, regardless, she is satisfied and happy with all the love she receives from her family, friends, and most especially, Tisay. 

Watch how Tisay and Angge further prove their lasting friendship on Bagong Umaga, weekdays after It’s Showtime on the Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z Channel 11.