10 times Dodong proved he is a protective, loving brother to Tisay in Bagong Umaga

When counting her blessings, Tisay (Heaven Peralejo) will surely not forget to thank the heavens for giving him Dodong (Yves Flores) as a brother. They may not be related by blood but there is an unbreakable string of attachment that binds them. He likes teasing her but he also never fails to protect and love her, shown in these scenes from Bagong Umaga.

Dodong is there to help Tisay understand boys and protect her fragile heart from them. When Ely (Tony Labrusca) and Otep (Kiko Estrada) rivalled over her, Dodong told the guys to stop playing games, warned them to back off if they had no pure intentions for Tisay because he wants to protect her feelings. He would never want Tisay to get hurt by just a man.

Before any guy can come around and marvel at Tisay’s beauty, Dodong will be the first one to comment on her looks. There was a scene where he poked fun at her fashionable outfit but we knew he was low-key calling her out for showing a little skin.

Like a lion to its cub, Dodong can smell danger around Tisay. He would face even the beefiest guy on the street just to be Tisay’s hero, shown in that scene where he protected her from a group of gamblers. “Hoy! Ang laki-laki mo inaano mo ‘tong kapatid ko!” he boldly told the ‘macho’ guy, ready to engage in a rumble.

Another act of brotherly bravery was when Dodong got into a fistfight with a group of perverts thirsting for Tisay’s fake online scandal.

Dodong is always there to lighten up the mood. That’s his love language – playful “lambing.” In this scene, Tisay got sentimental over a slight failure and misunderstanding with their parents. Dodong told her she’s good enough and that she’s most likely to be the class president while he will be elected as sergeant at arms and Angge (Michelle Vito) will be in charge of the noisy board. The scene ended with a heartwarming moment of the beloved trio shouting their dreams out into the real world.

Dodong might be the clown of the family but he also knows when to get serious about life. He shares his wisdom with Tisay and at the same time learns compassion from her.  In this scene, Dodong made things light through his natural caring ways. He made Tisay smile, saying he was quick to forgive Cai (Barbie Imperial) because of Tisay’s example. It was Tisay who taught him how to go easy on other people’s mistakes.

Dodong always comes to Tisay’s rescue. Knowing that she needed help to support their mother’s medication, he wanted to make a sacrifice by giving up his studies and take on a full-time job. “Ayaw ko siyang ma-pressure dahil walang tumutulong sa kanya ngayon,” he thought of his sister.   

Part of Dodong’s protective nature is being a good listener and a shoulder to cry on. With him, Tisay knows she got someone who would listen without judgment or criticism. When Tisay grew frustrated over Cai’s endless dramas, Dodong was there to give her comfort. He made her feel loved at that moment when she was vulnerable and deeply wounded.

As they all go through tough times after learning that Tisay is a Veradona, Dodong promised that he will always be her brother. “Kahit anong sabihin nila kay Tisay, kapatid ko pa rin ‘to,” he said as he embraced her. Whatever life brings them, nothing will change.

In tragic or tricky situations, Dodong keeps his promise to stand by Tisay’s and their family’s side. Following Diana (Glydel Mercado)’s confessions about his real parents, Dodong promised that nothing can change the love he has for Tisay, and his adoptive parents Jose (Keempee De Leon) and Monica (Nikki Valdez).

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