Bagong Umaga proves how love conquers all in heartwarming “Tagos Sa Pusong Pagtatapos”

After all the terrible situations and complicated circumstances they have to go through because of Diana’s (Glydel Mercado) wicked, vengeful schemes that put their lives in danger, everyone in Bagong Umaga finally attained the peaceful and happy life they all deserved in the end.  

Tear-jerking, heartwarming, finale

In the “Tagos Sa Pusong Pagtatapos” finale week, we witnessed the efforts and sacrifices of each of the lead characters and their families in finding out the truth about and seeking justice for the sudden and mysterious death of Cai (Barbie Imperial). As their parents and friends awaited updates from the authorities, Tisay (Heaven Peralejo) chose to execute her own investigations after being able to decipher Cai’s “suicide” video and being persuaded by her best friend Angge (Michelle Vito). But the evidences they’re able to recover suddenly got lost, to which Angge later on confessed to Tisay via text message and phone call that she disposed in order to cover Diana up. She regretted it and sincerely apologized, which Tisay wholeheartedly accepted and reminded her that they’re family.

Aside from that, we also saw how Tisay (Heaven Peralejo), Dodong (Yves Flores), and Angge (Michelle Vito) tried to bravely accept the truth about their real identities. Tisay and Dodong decided to leave their adoptive parents Monica (Nikki Valdez) and Jose (Keempee de Leon) to live with their biological parents – Tisay with Ian (Cris Villanueva) and Maggie (Sunshine Cruz), while Dodong with Matthew (Richard Quan) and Irene (Bernadette Allyson). Angge, on the other hand, was initially in denial that Diana is her long-lost mother, but eventually connived with her, which she truly regretted later on.

In pursuit of protecting her loved ones, Tisay tried to push them all away by telling Jose and Monica that they would not be leaving with them and she wished for her surname to be converted to Veradona, as well as breaking up with her boyfriend Ely (Tony Labrusca). But these and having bodyguards weren’t enough as Diana was still able to unexpectedly get near to her and her two mothers when she and Maggie visited Monica.

The distressed and vindictive Diana held the three of them as hostages and angrily asked Tisay to choose who she would want to save between Maggie and Monica. Tisay refused to do so and the two women pleaded Diana to stop pressuring their daughter, so Diana just aimed the gun at Tisay.

The phone call Tisay received from Angge somehow saved them as it disturbed Diana’s attention, which disabled her to immediately react when the police entered the house and fatally shot her on the chest. As Maggie and Monica got reunited with their husbands after the hostage drama, Diana had the chance to still talk with her adoptive son Otep (Kiko Estrada) before being rushed to the hospital. Ely and Tisay were also able to rekindle their relationship and promised to not easily give up on each other anymore.

Wrapping up the final episode and the whole series was the party the Veradonas organized for the opening of their orphanage – Catherine’s Home for Abandoned Children – which would be managed by Ian’s mom Hilda (Rio Locsin). Everyone was there except Angge, who Dodong, Tisay, and Ely teased to visit unbeknown to Otep. An intimate birthday celebration for the four of them was also held afterwards, wherein we could hear the things they realized or are thankful for after everything they went through.


Rave reviews from viewers

Bagong Umaga’s finale may have garnered mixed reactions from the audiences, but majority of them expressed their delight for giving each of the characters a happy ending that they all deserve based on the tweets we saw using the hashtag #BUTagosSaPusongPagtatapos. Many viewers clamored for a Book 2.

Aside from that, the netizens also heaped praises to the stellar ensemble of the teleserye who undoubtedly compelled us with their notable acting chops throughout the series and with how it has effectively depicted the value of forgiveness, sacrifices, family, and friendship. Besides, it was also able to attest to the oft-quoted adage “love conquers all” as the characters were able to defeat evilness and overcome the challenges they went through. Here are some of the tweets we spotted:



















Filming in the midst of a pandemic may be very tough, daunting, and challenging, but the RGE Drama Unit, headed by Rizza Gonzales Ebriega, was still able to amazingly accomplish a remarkable teleserye that’s definitely one for the books.

Aside from the impeccable performances of the ensemble cast, the people behind it should be lauded as well for this awesome masterpiece. Top-caliber directors Carlo Po Artillaga and Paco Sta. Maria, together with its brilliant assistant directors and talented pool of writers also did great in forming its narrative. The same goes for the rest of the crew who showed utmost creativity and resourcefulness in incredibly transforming the ABS-CBN Compound into the fictional Nuestra Vida without some of the viewers even realizing it.

Kudos to the whole Bagong Umaga family! You will surely be missed.