10 scenes of how Angge developed feelings for Otep in Bagong Umaga

There’s something so endearing about ‘tropa’ vibes bit by bit turning into romance. That’s how Angge (Michelle Vito) grew her special feelings for Otep (Kiko Estrada) – sweet and slow. Let your hearts melt in a string of ‘kilig’ scenes showing Angge falling for Otep in the afternoon series Bagong Umaga.

Nothing beats love that has friendship as its core. We have seen how Angge and Otep became instant buddies when the latter moved into their small community. It was a connection so natural like they’re a perfect match. 

Actions still prove to be more effective than words, so much so Angge couldn’t help but turn soft over Otep’slittle gestures – from preparing her coffee and making sure she’s feeling well to walking her home and keeping her company in her most lonesome moments. How could she not fall for a guy who makes her smile? It’s always the small things that matter. 

The ‘asaran’ moments would ignite more spark between them. There was a time when he volunteered to help her get over Ely (Tony Labrusca), who was already in a relationship with Tisay (Heaven Peralejo). While he kept on teasing her that night, she was glad to have him around. They stopped laughing for a moment, gazed into each other’s eyes and kept the tension burning slow. Then, he told her, “Date mo lang ako kahit kailan mo gusto.”

So, that’s what she did. She dated him many times over just to keep herself “entertained” until the sham turned into true feelings. Angge may be known as the gang’s strong girl but her whole heart melts at Otep’s sweetness. She found a guy who can make her feel special even in her worst ‘topak’ moments. 

The “AnggEp” magic sparkles the most in the subtle moments such as when she thought she had an audience listening to her hilarious lecture. She turned around and found all her friends asleep, except for Otep, who said he’s taking down notes. It was ‘kilig’ all over because he seems to never get tired of staring at her.

When Otep announced his resignation and plans of leaving for the province, the tough girl tried to hide her sadness. But, her actions would betray her words. He found her in their hangout place staring at the sunset and crying. When asked why, she said she would miss him. She was so honest that it broke his heart as well. 

That night, Angge gave in to her feelings and rushed to Otep’s place hoping to change his mind. Viewers could feel the fear. She was scared to lose him, not knowing when she’d see him again. From showing a crying Angge waiting outside Otep’s house, the camera panned to reveal his presence. He was there standing and staring at her like what he always does. But, this time, with traces of sadness in his eyes. 

With love rushing in their hearts, Angge and Otep ran towards each other and stopped halfway to meet each other in a tight embrace. But Otep knew he can’t stay even if he realizes they can’t live without each other. He turned his back on her. But she called his name once more, and he chose to look back. 

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