10 lessons about family and friendship shown in Bagong Umaga

They say that ‘home’ refers to the people that make us feel safe and accepted. It is, therefore, found and felt in the presence of our family and friends that walk us in the path of love. In light of the season of Lent, let us reflect on the lessons about family and friendship shown in these heartwarming, tearjerker scenes from the Kapamilya series Bagong Umaga.


 “Divided by!” The ‘barkadaserye’ taught us that teamwork solves challenges and forges a stronger bond. In the process of working as a team, we realize that there are people who will back us up in times of trouble. When Tisay (Heaven Peralejo) was fired from her first job, her family and friends had specific roles in helping her in the job-hunting. Ely (Tony Labrusca) provided the tools, Angge (Michelle Vito) sent out her friend’s resume while the rest cheered her on. So when she finally got a call, the victory was a lot sweeter. It was such a light moment – full of love, hope, and lots of ‘asaran’ and ‘lambing.’

It’s the love, and the never the material things, that makes up a happy home. Our hearts are broken when Jose (Keempee de Leon) sobbed and felt small for being a simple tricycle driver, compared to Tisay’s real father, Ian (Cris Villanueva), a doctor. He was mocking himself for not being able to provide Tisay the good life she deserves. But for Tisay, the love and loyalty Jose can offer are richer than material possessions.

Love entails sacrifice. Jose and Monica (Nikki Valdez)’s love for Tisay is so selfless that they’re willing to give her their own lives. Monica caught a bullet for her daughter. At the hospital, Tisay apologized and blamed herself for her mother’s condition. This leads to a beautifully moving exchange, with Monica once again verbalizing how pure her love is. “Hindi lang binti ang kaya ko ibigay sa’yo, pati braso ko. Pati buhay ko ibibigay ko kung buhay man ang kapalit. Hindi mo naman kasalanan kung mahal na mahal kita, eh,” said the loving mother.

Family is the light that cleanses us from our dark past. The transforming power of filial love is magnified through Ian, whose desire to win her real daughter back inspired him to be a better person. He renewed his morals, fought for the truth despite the risks, and donated his kidney to Monica to prove how much he wanted to be a good father and an example of selflessness to Tisay.

Parents hold the power and responsibility in shaping their child’s character. Therefore, Monica makes sure to raise a daughter who is honest, loving, and has a heart that never runs out of space for forgiveness.

Life may be busy especially for parents but a little quality time is needed to strengthen the family home. It creates a sense of balance and belonging. Cai (Barbie Imperial) has always craved parental affection. It only took a series of bonding moments to fill in the gap between her and her parents.

Parenting isn’t supposed to be cutting children’s wings but instead giving them the freedom to build the life they choose. Jose and Monica trust Tisay’s decisions while providing much-needed guidance. They let her be her own person and figure her own dreams. At the end of the day, all they could do is support her choices with a promise that no amount of mistakes can lessen their love for her. This scene also taught us that it’s perfectly fine for parents to apologize. 

Dreams are more special when shared with friends. Watching the sunset at the ‘tambayan,’ the trio of Tisay, Dodong, and Angge screamed out their hopes and dreams, looking forward to what the future would bring.

A true friend will let you know your mistake and bring you into the right path instead of tolerating your bad deeds. Tisay stopped Angge from scamming a group of diners. The bonus part is her honesty was rewarded in an instant.

A friend loves with the heart and soul that even revelations about their true identities would steel than break their friendship. 

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